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Director Elegance Bratton explains how he would approach Blade and why he feels a deep personal connection to the character in an interview with Hollywood. movie theater. The Inspection is a deeply personal, semi-autobiographical film that follows Ellis French on his grueling journey through Marine Corp boot camp. after being rejected by his mother because of his sexuality. In September, Blade manager Bassam Tariq left due to scheduling conflicts.

Following Tariq’s departure, Blade was delayed as Marvel Studios sought a new director to helm the project. In late October, rumors began circulating that Bratton could take over as Blade manager. In an exclusive interview with Reuters, Bratton explains how he would approach Blade if he directed the next MCU movie. He talks about how he connects with the character on a personal level and what kind of humor he would like to incorporate into Blade. Bratton also shares his desire to work with Mahershala Ali and make a “really fun action movie.”

.: There have been a lot of rumors that you might be reprising the Blade movie for Marvel Studios. How would you approach the character if you had the chance to do Blade and are there elements of the storytelling that you would incorporate into Blade?

Elegance Bratton: Well, I think so, for sure. I’m very interested in a contemplative and thoughtful approach to the camera when it comes to filming black actors. I think often we observe and dissect the difference in cinema rather than spending time. So I think I would kind of like to spend that time to bring Blade to a more human and recognizable place. Secondarily, Blade’s story is really my story. He’s a young black man, abandoned by his mother, and I would really like to explore that. And I guess the last thing is Blade, as a black man, if you go to a hairdresser, conspiracy theories around whiteness, blackness, immortality, all kinds of things are swirling around.

So in this kind of Marvel-like humor, I’d like to bring a bit of that barbershop humor to it because I’ve had conversations about Blade with 5 percent and black Israelites, and a little bit of that… I think the Blade genre as a mythological character exists in many parts of American consciousness that I’d like to delve into and provoke. But ultimately, it’s an action movie. It’s funny. Vampires are sexy and fun and I want to make a really fun action movie. And the fact that Mahershala is playing Blade, he’s one of the best actors in God’s Green Earth, and I love working with great actors.

What elegance Bratton can bring to the MCU’s blade as a director

Bratton clearly thought about how he would approach Blade as a director. Bratton seems to have a unique understanding of how deep Blade is as a character and how he could make it a rich, layered movie. He also acknowledges that Blade needs to be an action movie. His connection to Blade as a young black man abandoned by his mother shows a deep understanding and potentially strong basis for Blade’s origins. Bratton’s thought process on how he would shoot the movie, bringing conspiracy theory and barbershop-style humor to the MCU, and dissecting how Blade fits into American consciousness as a mythological character speaks of his insight and potential approach.

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Werewolf by Night, and Moon Knight, Marvel has demonstrated its ability to explore horror. Werewolf By Night established the horror corner of the MCU with the introduction of Jack Russell, Elsa Bloodstone, and Man-Thing. Although Blade is technically already part of the MCU with a voice cameo from Mahershala Ali in the Eternals post-credit scene. Werewolf By Night draws inspiration from classic monster movies, and with Blade it’s possible to set the tone for a darker, more action-packed style of horror within the MCU. Blade as a character has a complicated and rich history, with his hatred for vampires stemming from the murder of his mother while she was giving birth to him. Bratton’s own experiences prove his understanding of abandonment, and The Inspection shows his ability to incorporate that understanding into a film.

Looking at Bratton’s The Inspection and how he wants to approach Blade, he could shine a light on the character’s humanity without turning away from pain and violence. Exploring the pain of abandonment and Blade’s hatred for vampires, as well as the fact that he is part vampire, lends itself to a deeply personal story. Bratton understands that Blade will be needed to balance that depth of pain, a specific type of humor that matches the tone, and precise action. While Bratton won’t confirm rumors of his involvement, his thoughtful approach and deep understanding of the character is very compelling and could make him the perfect director to helm Blade.

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Director Elegance Bratton Reveals How He’d Approach Marvel’s Blade [EXCLUSIVE] | Pretty Reel