Doctor Quinn, Buffy… The 10 worst episodes of series of the 90s according to fans

The series of the 90s are the best for you? As worship are Friends, buffy the vampire slayer or Doctor Quinn, female doctor, they all have at least one episode below the others. Discover without delay the ten worst episodes of series of the 90s according to the fans.

To compile this list, we relied on fan ratings on the IMDb site.

Series Doctor Quinn, female doctor (season 2, episode 15 – Another woman): 7.2/10


The fan favorite episode of Doctor Quinn is #15 of Season 2. Entitled “Another Woman,” it features Catherine, a young white woman who has adopted the Indian way of life, who is seriously injured during a battle. She is brought back to town by the army and takes a liking to Sully, much to Michaela’s chagrin. It is therefore ultimately no surprise that this episode is at the bottom of the list in the eyes of fans, even if it is tied with episode 13 of season 1 entitled “His hero”.

A Nanny From Hell (season 2, episode 25 – Hair in Four): 5.7/10

one hell of a nanny, fran fine, mr anthony


Season 2 episode 25A Nanny From Hell is, without question, the worst of the series in the eyes of the fans. Rated 5.7 out of 10, it is quite different from the others because we see little of the heroine Fran Fine. And, for good reason, this episode was supposed to introduce a spin-off ofA Nanny From Hell originally set in a beauty salon in Queens. But the project never saw the light of day.

buffy the vampire slayer (Season 4, Episode 5 – Devil’s Brew): 6.2/10

buffy the vampire slayer series

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The fans of buffy the vampire slayer are accustomed to classifying their favorite episodes of the cult series, but what about the worst episodes? IMDb readers have spoken and, for them, this is #5 of the fourth season. This is not really a surprise when you know the unpopularity of season 4 with the worshipers of the show. Episode 5 pulls out of the game with a particularly what the fuck plot. As a reminder, in “Devil’s Brew”, Buffy bonds with student friends and drinks a beer with them. But the beverage turns out to be evil and transforms the behavior of those who drink it… Result: an average score of only 6.2 out of 10.

Series Friends (season 4, episode 21 – The one who sends the invitation): 6.9/10

friends series


Difficult for fans of Friends to have to designate an episode as the worst of the series. But, according to the notes on IMDbit would seem that episode 21 of season 4 has less marked the fans of the sitcom of the 90s. And, for good reason, it is rated 6.9 out of 10 which makes it the only episode of Friends to have an average of less than 7 and, therefore, the worst according to fans. In “Who Sends the Invitation”, Ross and Emily’s wedding is approaching, and the two disagree about whether or not Rachel will attend the ceremony. The character played by David Schwimmer then remembers all the good times spent with Rachel.

Melrose Place (season 7, episode 34 – Corpses never shut up): 5.8/10

melrose place, lexi sterling, michael mancini


The fans of Melrose Place, the ultimate soap of the 90s, seems to have stalled at the end since the worst-rated episode is the penultimate of the series. Inside, Michael helps Lexi get rid of Marlin’s corpse; Jane finds out she may be pregnant and is hesitant to tell Kyle; and Peter asks Dr. Visconti to find the source of Eve’s memories. If this episode clearly did not convince the viewers, the next one – which is therefore the last in the series – obtains the score of 8 out of 10.

Charmed (season 8, episode 2 – Hunted): 6.5/10

charmed, paige matthews

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The eighth and final season of Charmed is, in the eyes of many fans, the worst of the series. It is therefore hardly surprising to find episodes of this final chapter at the bottom of the list, with in the very last place episode 2 entitled “Hunted”. As a reminder, in this episode, the Halliwell sisters continue to take on the appearance of Jo, Jenny and Julie. But, when the demon Haas sets a trap for them, Billie comes to the rescue of Piper, Phoebe and Paige. This episode is rated 6.5 out of 10.

Sex And The City (season 3, episode 4 – Drag King): 7/10

sex and the city, carrie bradshaw


Also avant-garde was she for her timeseries Sex And The City, which aired between 1998 and 2004, has gotten a little old in some ways. This is the case of episode 4 of season 3, entitled “Drag King”, in which Carrie goes out with an openly bisexual man in his twenties. This leads the heroine and her friends to question the issue of bisexuality, and some of their remarks would not pass today. One wonders if this is one of the reasons why this is the lowest rated episode of the entire series by fans.

Series X Files (season 3, episode 18 – Curse): 5.9/10

x-files, alonso bilac


We would have expected to see an episode from the last seasons of X Files or the revival of the cult series – which is far from having won unanimous support from the public – but no! The worst rated episode by fans is #18 of the third season. Entitled “Curse”, this episode depicts the discovery of an urn containing the ashes of a shaman witch during archaeological digs in South America. The doctor wishes to bring the object back to the Boston museum but, even before the return of the urn to the United States, the spirit of the shaman makes itself heard. Mulder and Scully’s investigation only moderately convinced viewers, who gave this episode a score of 5.9 out of 10.

Dawson (season 6, episode 19 – Doctor Drew and Mister Love): 6.5/10

dawson series, joey potter

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Mythical teen drama from the late 90s, Dawson has influenced a whole generation of viewers. But, like any cult series, it contains its share of episodes deemed less good. This is the case of number 19 of season 6 who, with an average of 6.5 out of 10, stands out as the least appreciated by fans. Inside, Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla, hosts of the show Loveline, are passing through Boston and somewhat upset the daily life of the characters. And, as David experiences jealousy with Jack, Audrey is drawn to Dr. Drew.

Stargate SG-1 (season 1, episode 4 – Emancipation): 6/10

stargate sg-1

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And the palm of the worst episode of Stargate SG-1 returns to episode 4 of its season 1! Entitled “Emancipation”, it follows the SG-1 team on a visit to Simarka, a planet inhabited by a people similar to the Mongols and who live according to a very strict code of law. There, women are treated as inferior beings who can be sold like common merchandise. Carter then finds herself abducted to be traded for a woman but struggles to prove that men are not superior to women.

Doctor Quinn, Buffy… The 10 worst episodes of series of the 90s according to fans