Elegant like Serkan, rebellious like Kerem or tough like Ali: fans choose their favorite version of Kerem Bürsin

  • Kerem Bürsin has become the most admired Turkish actor on our thematic channel

  • From the elegant Serkan Bolat, to the rude sailor Ali or the rebellious teenager Kerem. Vote with which Kerem you stay.

  • You can enjoy Kerem Bürsin, from Monday to Friday from 8:45 p.m.

If there is a Turkish actor par excellence on our thematic channel, it is Kerem Bursin. After the success that she picked up with her first appearance in Divinity in the series ‘Love is in the air’, the Turkish heartthrob has managed to win the hearts of all those who have become hooked on the fictions he has starred in, one after another. But Which Kerem Bürisn do you prefer? Vote in the poll and decide.

Elegant and refined Sekan Bolat

We knew him as the elegant and refined serkan bolat who managed to fall in love with eda. A cold and strict businessman, dressed in a suit and with his hair gelled, that as he got to know the young student, he gradually opened his heart. Beneath that cold layer of ice we met a sensitive and affectionate man that he would be willing to give everything for the woman he loves.

Kerem Bursin is Serkan Bolatdivinity.es

However, a Serkan more risky, with more casual airs and even a small ponytail would be the protagonist of all the sighs of the staunch ‘Love is in the air’ in his second installment.

The tough and tormented Ali Smith

With the premiere of ‘In the heart of the city’ we discovered Ali Smith ,a rude and very seductive sailor to whom it seems that the events of life have made him be very careful with showing his feelings. Cold at times but very affectionateLittle by little, Ali is becoming another person. With this fiction we have also known a less cerebral and more passionate version of the sailor, a more spontaneous version that, after meeting Derin and falling madly in love with her, he ends up becoming a boxer and fighting for his feelings to the end.

Ali tells her story to Derin

Ali tells her story to Derin

A rebellious and cocky teenager, Kerem Sayer

On the contrary, thanks to the first fiction that the actor starred in, in ‘Zeynep: looking for her father’ we met a beardless and rebellious adolescent who believed himself to be the king of the institute and whom life had not yet put in his place. Kerem Bürsin stars in this fiction the young Kerem Sayer, a rich and posh boy who believes that because he belongs to a wealthy family that owns the institute where he studies, he can do and undo as he pleases. He is cool and arrogant, but also very devoted to those he loves.

In the moment in wich zeynep crosses his path, upsets all his schemes, and a kerem less cold begins to see the light, giving way to a young man more affectionate and sweet than we could ever have imagined

Kerem Bursin

Kerem BursinDivinity

Kerem Bürsin from cop to vampire

And although we have not seen them in DivinityIn recent years, the versatile Kerem Bürsin has managed to give life to characters that are completely different from what he was used to until now. in fiction ‘Agent involved’ Broadcast on Mitele PLUS, Kerem gives life to Mustafa Kerim Cana very hard police officer, flamboyant but very strictwho should put aside the differences with his colleague barcaplayed by the also well-known İbrahim Çelikkolto solve the most terrifying crimes.

Furthermore, the biggest surprise for all Bürsin fans has been meeting Dmitry, a young and attractive vampire whom Kerem brings to life in fantastic fiction ‘Vampire War’. Without a doubt, this is the most different role that the actor has had to give life and he has done it with the greatest of successes.

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Elegant like Serkan, rebellious like Kerem or tough like Ali: fans choose their favorite version of Kerem Bürsin