Evil West analysis: the wild combination between Doom and God of War hits the mark

Vampires in the Wild West. Honestly, we are not very clear about what we are doing writing a evil west analysis when the new game from Flying Wild Hog Studios already sells itself.

Because, for those who don’t know them, this Polish studio is responsible for the last three installments of the saga Shadow Warrior; intense action games that may not be the best in the genre or may not go down in history… But damn if they are not fun.


Evil West – Gameplay October 2022

And if we take the “expertise” with the action games of Flying Wild Hog and we combine it with something with as much hook as “vampires in the wild west”… The result is as good as you are imagining.

With boots full of sand, spurs jingling and accompanied by a fragrance of gunpowder and blood (which is not ours), today we are here to tell you if Evil West is worth it (spoiler: yes).

The Evil West analysis for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC from Hobbyconsoles:

Gameplay and gameplay of Evil West

As you may have imagined from the headline that accompanies our analysis of Evil West, in the playable we are faced with what would happen if Doom Y god of war they had a son.

And we are not saying it (although also): those responsible have fearlessly recognized that the third-person perspective and close to the character is inspired by that of the Sony Santa Monica game, while the combo system drinks from the honeys of devil may cry.

The comparison with Doom is made by us, but because the executions with which we can defeat enemies when they are low on health are not only brutal, they also grant us health orbs.

The combat system evil west mix resounding melee attacks with different types of ranged weapons. In addition to a five-hit combo, we can launch enemies into the air and then pepper them with bullets (Dante would be proud).

Punches also allow us to throw enemies against traps or explosives that are usually on the stages, as well as against other enemies. We liked this aspect a lot, because invites us to make the most of the pitch and to position ourselves correctly during the confrontations.

To this is added the gauntlet, which in addition to adding electricity to the blows, allows us both to approach enemies at lightning speed, and to attract them towards us. It is an essential tool and comes in handy for controlling the battlefield.

That talking about “distance weapons” does not lead you to think that we are facing a shooting game without further ado; in Evil West, each weapon is mapped to a button and instead of ammo they have a cooldown period.

evil west

In this way, pressing the R2/RT trigger fires the ever-reliable revolver, but holding L2/LT fires the rifle. The square/X button is associated with the shotgun and the triangle/Y button is used to dazzle all enemies with a crucifix-shaped contraption.

This is just a small example, because as we progress we get new weapons, as well as new skills that we can unlock with each level up. The range of options at our disposal is frankly high.So much so that there comes a time when it’s easy to forget some of the junk we carry with us.

But that is a serious mistake, because to survive the confrontations you have to take advantage of everything. The fact that the vast majority of weapons have a cooldown period seems to us to be a very intelligent idea, since it forces us to take advantage of all the resources and to do it intelligently.

evil west

It has become clear that Evil West’s combat system is pretty cool, but what about the rest? Well, this is an action game with a very classic style: no open world or gigantic settings to get lost in.

Evil West is divided into missions that progress in a linear fashion and that take place in linear settings. The level design is pretty bland, and not just because there’s little to no room for exploration, but also because it’s pretty rigid and you can clearly see when it’s time to move on and when it’s time for a combat arena.

There are collectibles and upgrades that invite us to stray from time to time, but usually all evil west levels are simple and straightforwardboth for the good and for the bad.

Stakes and Revolvers: The Evil West Story

The story of Evil West takes us to a Wild West in which, in addition to outlaws and sheriffs, there is a vampire epidemic. We put ourselves in the role of Jesse Rentierson of the director and future successor of the Rentier Institutean organization that is dedicated to the extermination of the sanguisuge and that stands out for having developed advanced technology to defeat them.

As you can see, the premise doesn’t raise anything too original either, because there are stories about organizations dedicated to ending vampires. The charm of Evil West lies, obviously, in that it takes place in the Wild Westwith all that this entails: horses, sunsets, railways, tumbleweeds, abandoned towns, banks, etc.

For our taste, the story has a small problem and it is not the fact that it is a story that we have already seen a thousand times, or that it is led by the typical tough guy with less personality than a blank page.

evil west

The problem is that he is too serious in tone, or perhaps we should say that he takes things too seriously. Because let’s be honest: a game of cowboys against vampires lent itself to a much more badass tone.

In spite of everything, it must be recognized that the universe that has been taken out of the sleeve is quite interesting (enough for us to have stopped to read all the collectibles and character sheets) and that in the end the story here is the least of it. ; what matters is the cakes and it has already become clear that Evil West nails it.

Wild West graphics

In order to be an AA game (because, in case it wasn’t obvious, we’re talking about a title that doesn’t play in the big leagues) we have to admit that Evil West looks really good.

We’ve played the PC version, and while you do see some creaking from time to time (like the faces of the NPCs in the Saloon), overall it’s a really solid title.

We want to highlight two aspects: the first is the great variety of levels that we visitbecause as we have already said, the roll of the West is very well used and we have phases that take place in desert and mountainous areas, forests, caves, swamps, mines, towns, snowy areas… There is everything.

evil west

The second is that despite the fact that the character and enemy design has the same subtlety as the Gears of War Lancer, Evil West has managed to surprise us on an artistic level and he has done it, once again, with his settings, which sometimes leave us prints with enormous visual power.

The lighting effects are used in a rather exaggerated way but it works really well when it comes to giving the game a slightly scary touch. Because even though it may not seem like it and although it is never a horror game, it does have quite dark parts.

Is Evil West hard?

Evil West offers us four levels of difficulty: Historywhich is virtually unchallenging and allows the player to focus on the plot; Normalwhich is what the authors designed as the desired gaming experience; Hard, ideal for those looking for a challenge to overcome; Y malignantthe hardest there is and the least recommended for the first game.

We have played on the normal difficulty level and although initially the game offers a quite affordable challenge, at a certain point makes things quite complicated, throwing us different types of very dangerous enemies in the same confrontation. Come on, there have been fights that we have had to repeat a few times.

We do not say this as a bad thing, quite the contrary; we like that, true to its classic action game style, Evil West gave us the occasional challenge of those that make us sweat but are very satisfying when we conquer them.

How many hours does the story of Evil West last?

The Evil West marker indicates that it took us about eleven hours to complete, but we suspect that all retries after death are not counted, so give it a shot completing the story can take you between ten and fifteen hours.

After overcoming it, we can start a new game pluswhere we keep all the improvements and the difficulty of the game is increased.

In addition, we can repeat the levels at any time to search for any collectible that we have left behind.

In our opinion, this is a perfect duration. In fact, there is something that Evil West does extremely well, and that is that it ends when it has to end; when there are no more types of enemies to present or new weapons to get, the game is aware that the time has come to say goodbye (in style, yes).

Price and platforms available

Evil West will be available starting tomorrow, November 22, 2022, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

In addition to digital, Evil West arrives in Spain in physical format by PLAION at a price of €59.95. When we get this edition we get the Wild Wild East cosmetic object pack as a gift.

Verdict: a game that is no longer made

While we played Evil West, we couldn’t stop thinking about all those times we caught a vampire movie on TV at dawn. They may not be movies or stand out for their performances or special effects, but they don’t go well at that time.

Well, that is exactly what happens with the title of Flying Wild Hog: it is a game that does not beat around the bush and that gives us exactly what it promises: pure, hard action and without unnecessary contemplations or fillers.


Evil West – Co-op Trailer

It’s a type of game that’s sadly not made anymore, with a certain flavor of the PS3/360 days. And that even in a year-end so packed with high-calibre games, it has kept us glued to the screen from start to finish.

In addition, few games can boast of having made us want to go back to getting between our chests and backs a marathon of movies of vampires.

Evil West analysis: the wild combination between Doom and God of War hits the mark