Evil West, analysis. Vampires and Cowboys

The definitive hatching of the increasingly powerful independent sector of the video game world is causing a paradigm shift clearly unexpected not many years ago. The market has evolved towards a business model polarized mainly in two extremes: the aforementioned independent sector, and the large productions known as triple A in the world The intermediate productions of the big companies, those double A titles that until a while ago made up a large part of the catalog of domestic digital entertainment machines, are in clear recession.

evil west, despite the fact that it ultimately comes from an independent developer, comes to try to occupy that increasingly uninhabited corner of the market. We are facing a production that by means of means cannot rival the great titles on which it is inspired, but which at the same time knows how to be ambitious and offer a funny title and with assets to attract an audience aware that the title of the Polish developer Flying Wild Hog it is a rung behind the big middle titans.

Is entertaining and very funny action adventure in third person It won’t appear on any list of candidates for the best game of the year, but it certainly deserves and very much that we give it a chance. its attractive mix of third person shooters with pure hack and slash it’s going to be lucky hybrid between Gears and God of War that will have us several hours spending a good time in front of our screens, immersed in an interesting setting that mix the wild west with vampires. Available from November 22 at pc and in Microsoft and Sony consoles.

Far West from beyond the grave

It is not the first time that a video game offers us to mix a vampire setting with cowboys. The first person shooter game Darkwatch that we enjoyed in 2005 in the first Xbox and in Playstation 2 is a good example of it. the recent Weird West he also mixed the western with the paranormal. Evil West presents us with a Late 17th century America ravaged by vampires. Your combination of western, vampire and Steampunk theme We liked it a lot, and all this is successfully combined to weave an attractive and solid setting.

We embody the vampire hunter Jesse Rentier, a member of a secret organization dedicated to hunting bloodsuckers and defending the country from any paranormal threat that dares to face it. throughout the 10-12 hours that the plot of the adventure lasts, will have to face a new vampire clan whose intentions for humanity are not friendly at all. Throughout a multitude of missions in various characteristic enclaves of the far westJesse must thwart their plans to avoid an elaborate conspiracy.

Despite the fact that at no time does it take itself too seriously, the story is convincing and complies, although in the end it is a mere excuse to distribute lead, tollinas and whatever is necessary among the population of suckers, or ticks as they are called the protagonists of the game. Among said leading cast, we will find quite a variety, with histrionic and comic relief characters, with space for certain moments of drama also. All title texts have a great localization to our language

Evil West, analysis.  Vampires and Cowboys

God of Gears

One of the strengths of the game is its commitment to combine third-person shooting with melee combat, with their combos and special attacks. The combat system ends up being very satisfying and full of possibilitiesyes ok takes a while to boot. This is due to the fact that in the early stages the number of available skills is quite limited, and does not reveal the enormous potential of the game’s combat system. You have opted for a progression systemwith skill trees to unlock for the character, and an improvement system to buy for the different weapons and gadgets that it carries, which we will also gradually obtain.

Evil West, analysis.  Vampires and Cowboys

In fact, the game improves a lot with the passing of the hoursand it is even one of those titles that it is tremendously satisfying to give it a second pass in New Game+ mode, with the skills unlocked and increasing the difficulty level. We will have several firearms, with different shooting modes, special gadgets that allow us to paralyze enemies or counterattack their blows, all with various customization options depending on the improvements that we apply. The handling of the character and weapons are very satisfactory, and the gunplay as a third-person shooter is forceful and well resolved.

Regarding the aspect hack and slashwithout being anywhere near a Devil May Cry or a Bayonetta at the level of depth or mechanics, it is true that the title ofIt offers tools and possibilities that make your combat very enjoyable. As we unlock skills from the upgrade tree, we’ll acquire special attacks that make melee battles a satisfying and fun spectacle. We also have an enemy finishing system that allows us to obtain life and energy made at the right time.

Evil West, analysis.  Vampires and Cowboys

The development is of linear Adventure, without side missions or the slightest hint of the so present today open world system. We will face a series of missions that come to be a kind of interconnected sands, in which you will have to dispatch all the enemies before you can advance. In between, sections with the possibility of exploration to obtain money, improvement points and collectibles, and some other very very simple little puzzle. A game mole is suffering from some lack of sparkabusing to throw ourselves into the same enemies over and over again, with no greater variety of situations than accumulating large and resistant enemies to make things more difficult.

This lack of spark and variety, being able to surprise the player with something else is perhaps what further distances the title from the great references. The repetition of enemies is excessive, to the point of finding a certain final boss quite bloody as a standard enemy at the beginning of the next level in which he appears for the first time. Neither the puzzles, simple and limited, nor the exploration, excessively indicated as well as frustrating at certain moments where it is impossible to retrace the path, manage to provide the title with variety, which ends up taking its toll.

Evil West, analysis.  Vampires and Cowboys

The culmination of the gameplay of the video game is the possibility of enjoying it in cooperative online with another player, an option that we have not been able to test, since it only allows you to do it with a person from our friends list. Seeing the trailer of the title that presents this option, it seems that in this way the title is even more fun and spectacular than playing it alone.

technically discreet

The technical section of the game is another aspect where it cannot compete with the biggest. Although we are facing a title that is visually compliant, and that even leaves the occasional quite spectacular moment, it is true that its features are too modest in some aspects. Especially the model of some secondary characters in the intermediate transition zones, worthy of the PS360 times. In general, we are before a title that seems more from the beginning of the last generation than from this. A few days ago we read a statement from a person responsible for the title, stating that Xbox Series S has not hindered its technical development. Something that was hardly going to happen when the game came out for PS4 and Xbox One.

So, we are facing a title that is not a technical wonder. The positive part is that works fluently in modest equipment, being able to even run it in epic quality, the highest available, on computers that are many years old. The good performance and optimization of the game is a common hallmark of Flying Wild Hog titles.

The modeling of the protagonist is very good, and it is magnificently animated. The backgrounds and settings are well built, although without fanfare and with minor production details. The light and particle effects make the title stand out from the humble technical muscle it exhibits. Definitely, fulfilling and moderately attractive in the visual, but far from what we should begin to expect from the current generation. A correct soundtrack and a good job dubbing voices into English complete the technical section of the title.

Evil West, analysis.  Vampires and Cowboys


Evil West represents the triumph of that middle class that we are beginning to miss so much in the video game sector. Despite not having the means of the big productions in the sector, it turns out to be a very fun title with a satisfactory combat system and many possibilities. Its third-person shooter/hack and slash mix takes a couple of hours to fully kick off, but once we start picking up skills and upgrading gadgets, its offering shows more potential than we initially suspected. Its combination of western, vampire and steampunk is very attractive and offers an interesting and solid setting. Only its excessive recycling of situations and enemies, and a technical section a couple of steps below the industry benchmarks keep it from higher levels. A little more sparkle and variety would have been great for it, but that doesn’t mean that we’re dealing with a very fun title with a solid and personal playable section.


  • A satisfying, varied combat system that greatly appreciates that mix of third-person shooting with hack and slash.
  • It offers high doses of direct fun without many complications.
  • A New Game+ mode that is worth completing and that extends the entertainment beyond the 10-12 hour campaign.


  • Excessive recycling and repetition of enemies and situations. It lacks spark and variety.
  • It takes time to start up until we acquire skills and are fully aware of the potential of its combat system.
  • Technically discreet.



It meets the expectations of what a good game is, it has quality and does not present serious flaws, although it lacks elements that could have taken it to higher levels.

Evil West, analysis. Vampires and Cowboys