Evil West proven: one of Gamescom’s surprises

A hybrid between Devil May Cry and the Souls set in the wild west? Why not? Here is a first field test with Evil West.

Wandering around the Gamescom 2022 show floor and trying to figure out which titles will be the most exciting next year, we have to admit we completely ignored Evil West. Even when the game was in front of us, hands on the controller, we didn’t really know if we’d ever heard of it or seen a gameplay trailer. But it’s moments like these, the ones where the spark strikes: we entered the Evil West demo without any expectations, and now we want more.

Evil West, the preview from Gamescom –

In Evil West, you play as a vampire hunter who travels to the Wild West in search of beasts to hunt, in addition to cheeky bandits. Enemies will hit hard when they get close to you, and you’ll need a real tactical use of dodging and rolling to stay out of trouble. This is the Wild West, so obviously you will be armed to the teeth, and your weapons are undoubtedly a threat. Reasonably, you could play the whole adventure with just your guns, blasting enemies’ heads from a distance and even aiming until a circular shaped weak spot appears on your opponent to deliver a very high-damage shot.

The shotgun is the standard weapon, but you also have a revolver that you can use to devastate the closest enemies. With this one-two combo, your guns can take you far. But what good would a giant steampunk-style mechanical arm be, without being able to shake it a bit here and there? Yes, your cowboy is equipped with some heavy machinery. While you can certainly destroy any enemy by shooting them to the death – a common approach in most games, let’s be honest – your melee shots are a far more effective method of achieving the same result, and even more fun.

The fights –

Hit the enemy with a fleet of punches before holding down the attack button for a thrown uppercut that will send them flying into the sky. From there, you can hold them in the air with a quick shot of the revolver, or you can jump to combine them with your punches before knocking them down, perhaps straight into a wall of spikes or an explosive. When you start combining all these different moves and strategies, Evil West manages to look different from everything else.

Evil West

The high damage suffered by enemies means it has a similar intensity to the early Souls, while the ranged combat and character action-style combos evoke something more like Devil May Cry, all with a weight that sounds fresh. Your character is heavy when he moves, dodges and attacks, but never awkward, like a tank gliding around the arena with the grace of an ice skater.

When does Evil West come out? –

Evil West is out on PC, PlayStation and Xbox on November 22, and if the rest of the game feels as refreshing as the demo we tried, it’s easy to recommend it to any action game fan.

Written by Dave Aubrey for GLHF

Evil West proven: one of Gamescom’s surprises