Evil West: The Hell of the West, by Syfantasy

We liked

The graphic touch
Smooth and efficient gameplay

We didn’t like

A repetitiveness that can tire

Evil West is a TPS (third person shooter), and the latest game developed by Flying Wild Hog. The studio is known for its series of shadow warrior, hard reset and more recently the very good trek to yomi.

As much to tell you, these games are not in the lace and Evil West no exception to this rule.

When someone talks to me of the time of the conquest of the west, there are always two things that come to mind: the western and the horror. If the two respective genres have both had their hours of glory, they are only very rarely mixed, however, Iwhen they are represented together, it constantly turns out to be amazing and well knownr explosive!

I think of works such as Bloodsilver Where Our Lady of the Wolves in literature, abraham lincoln vampire hunter or his brother zombie hunter in the cinema or even the very good Weird West in video game

You will have understood that the occult western does not run the streets but we still have the joy of welcoming Evil West on our video game media at the end of the year.

A half-tone scenario (of red)

In this post-secession universe (whose war ended faster than expected following the arrival of vampires), you will play as Jesse Rentier, a fearsome monster slayer and a prominent member of the Rentier Institute.

The Rentier Institute is America’s last defense bulwark. It produces the latest inventions in firearms and the use of electricity, allowing soldiers to put their six shots to good use Tesla version face the vampiric brood, or, the government to travel in a huge mechanical airship – steampunk atmosphere at the rendezvous.

Vampiric extermination is therefore a family affair among the Rentiers, and your goal will be simple: save America.

Let’s say it clearly, the scenario is there to act as a common thread in a perpetual stress relief tinged with hemoglobin.

It ultimately turns out to be anecdotal, much like the characters you’ll meet. But it still turns out more than what I expected at first.

You will be wandered from one mission to another to get rid of all the abominations you come across, collect upgrades, and save various characters. All through one of the most simplistic level design that can be summed up as “corridor, combat arena, collectible, corridor”.

And yet if the game shines neither by its scenario nor by its level design it is amazing in its art direction and gameplay.

A successful artistic direction

The different settings of this post-apocalyptic America that you will visit are sublime, the cities are worthy of our famous spaghetti westerns, all embellished with a beautiful steampunk touch.

The bestiary is extremely well worked here exit the classic eastern european vampire.

We are entitled to bloodsuges, each creature has an original design, ersatz vampires will act as trash mobs while mutants, polymorphs or thoroughbreds will act as elites or mini bosses.

Note all the same that if the game offers us a magnificent and varied bestiary, the appearance of the various monsters is somewhat redundant in the arenas. Perhaps the fault of a poor level design and a combat system based on combos?

Finally, with his lore provided, its unique creatures and its landscapes, Flying Wild Hog takes us into total immersion and browsing the game in its entirety is a pure visual pleasure.

Let the powder speak and to rain the blood !

The strongest point of the game is obviously its gameplay. Equipped with the latest invention, the Rentier gauntlet, Jesse is going to cause a real massacre. If at first glance the game seems to be pure gunfight it is not so, you will cut, dismember and crush enemies with this fist. Firearms and various gadgets are ultimately used to chain combos or delay enemies in the arena in order to blow or rush into the heap.

The fact that the weapons and gadgets are recovered as the story progresses allows for variety in the understanding and management of the patterns of each creature, and to bring freshness to the fights, which avoids falling into boredom.

The various upgrades you’ll grant to your gadgets via skill points as you progress through the adventure provide a real sense of empowerment and never unbalance the game, battling is not only enjoyable but also rewarding.

The formula mixing clinch and distance works very well and quickly becomes addictive.

In summary

let’s say it, Evil West is a big nag game. The game is there to help you relieve stress and Flying Wild Hog once again proves its great expertise in this area. Browsing the game is a real pleasure, you will participate in this mass extermination in joy and blood. And if the game is obviously not free from faults, it perfectly succeeds in what it is intended for: unplugging your brain and having fun without having to think.

Evil West: The Hell of the West, by Syfantasy