Experts debate the genre of terror and spiritualism in Mexico at FUL 2022

PACHUCA DE SOTO, SEP 13 /NEWS HIDALGO/.- Ulises Paniagua, Sandra Becerril and Henry Bedwell, participated in the discussion The development of the horror genre in Mexico, in the Josefina García Quintanar auditorium. In addition, Walter Schaefer Trujillo, an expert researcher in spiritism, gave his conference on this topic as part of the activities of the University Book Fair (FUL) 2022.

The conference was quite complete, since it began by addressing the issue of terror in Mexico from the literary perspective of Paniagua, continuing along the same lines with the writer and director Sandra Becerril, who in turn included the issue of adapting texts for audiovisual format to share a bit of your work experiences; To conclude, the director Bedwell finished off the presentation by fully speaking about the importance and convergence of the horror genre in Mexican cinema.

“The terror in Mexico appears with the legends, since pre-Hispanic times; In the literature of our country, the theme of werewolves has been little explored, it is more common to resort to vampires, while on the big screen justice has been done to them,” commented Ulises Paniagua, who also prepared to make a historical review of the horror genre in Mexican literature from colonial times to the present day.

Becerril shared a bit of her experience as an author and director, in addition to giving a historical review of the horror genre from the national and international film scene. “I have been dedicating myself to the horror genre for 25 years, I started writing novels, years later I had the opportunity to immerse myself fully in the cinema; I consider that horror was the first literary genre that existed, created in its beginnings to prevent people from going to certain areas or stopping doing certain things” she pointed out.

On his occasion Bedwell portrayed his own perspective through different national directors, “In the cinema, romantic comedies follow the same line, two people meet, fall in love, a lot of events happen in the middle and end, the only thing that changes is the conditions of the characters, on the other hand, terror has the wonder of being different, with new proposals, plot twists and endless possibilities that make this genre so rich”.

Under this same repertoire of terror in Mexico, the talk with the researcher Walter Schaefer Trujillo took place, within the FUL’s “Margarita Michelena” International pavilion, where the author delved into the deities and entities that emerge from another dimensional plane, such as part of the investigation, took about two years of questions and answers with experts in the field, taking him four hours a day.

Walter defines rituals as a means of contact between spirits and souls in life, where he defends the disappointment of the negativity given by people who fail to have an open mind to receive messages from other planes, although he assures that the spirits they always find people who have the sensitivity to be able to see and hear, he confessed that he does not consider himself with that sensitivity, however during his residency it was a pleasant place for them.

He argued that there are also dark spirits, closer to evil than to good, in an attempt to want to change one of them’s polarity, making it clear through a seer, they bluntly replied that they could not change polarity no matter how much they wanted, a dark spirit never ceases to be.

At the end of their interventions, the authors gave the public the opportunity to participate through questions, at which time Bedwell was questioned about the difficulties of generating special effects in the audiovisual format, the director replied that the difficulty lies in the budget, emphasizing that the effects are not the only effective method to cause terror, on the contrary, relying on them would be limiting, therein lies the talent of a director.

Experts debate the genre of terror and spiritualism in Mexico at FUL 2022 – NEWSHIDALGO