Film tonight on TV not to be missed on Sunday 28 August 2022

Here is an overview of the films that will air tonight on TV on Sky channels. All Première and first pass Libraries are also available on Sky On Demand and Sky Go.

Drama to see on TV tonight

The Social Network, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Due

3 Oscars to David Fincher’s biopic on the genesis of Facebook, with Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. In 2004 a Harvard student founded the site that will revolutionize the way of communicating.

Comedy movie to see on tv tonight

Dick & Jane – Operation theft, 9:00 pm on Sky Cinema Comedy

Comedy with Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni and Alec Baldwin. Fired for the scandal involving his company, a manager becomes an elusive robber with the complicity of his wife.

Romantic movie to see on TV tonight

Book of Love, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno

Sam Claflin in a Sky Original romantic comedy. In Mexico to promote his book, an English writer discovers that the translator has turned it into an erotic novel.

Action movie to see on tv tonight

In the den of wolves, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Action

Armed robberies in Los Angeles in solid action with Gerard Butler.

Viking, 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Adventure

Spectacular portrait of a medieval warrior. 10th century: Prince Vladimir, forced into exile by his bloodthirsty brother, gathers an army to recapture his land.

Fantastic movie to see on tv tonight

Magic Kids – The solar eclipse, at 21:00 on Sky Cinema Family

Fantasy adventure for kids. A blood-hating young vampire, a flying fairy and a fur-allergic werewolf team up to defend the city from a sorcerer.

Thriller movies to see on TV tonight

The rule of silence – The Company You Keep, 9.00 pm on Sky Cinema Suspense

Thriller by and starring Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte. Accused of a murder committed in the 70s, a lawyer runs away to prove his innocence.

Free-to-air programs

The veiled lady, at 21:25 on Rai 1

Trentino, early twentieth century. Clara Grandi stages her death and returns in disguise, covered by a black veil.

Bull, at 21:50 on Rai 2

Bull, who is still suffering from anxiety attacks since his daughter’s kidnapping, agrees to stand up for an entrepreneur’s son.

Secret cities, at 21:25 on Rai 3

The RaiTre success signed by Corrado Augias. Five event evenings, five cities, a gallery of different stories and characters.

Zona Bianca, 9.20 pm on Rete 4

New current affairs and in-depth program conducted by Giuseppe Brindisi and produced in collaboration between Videonews and Tg4.

Instant Family, 9.20 pm on Canale 5

A happily married couple for years, 40-year-olds Pete and Ellie Wagner, played by Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, want a child, turn to the foster care system, and adopt three brothers of Latin American descent.

Ready Player One, 9.20 pm on Italia 1

In the near future, outcast teenager Wade Watts escapes his seedy home by connecting to OASI, a utopia in the virtual world.

Miss Marple, 9.15 pm on La7

Miss Marple is an elderly, single woman who likes to call herself an “observer of human nature”.

Italia’s Got Talent – Best Of, 9.30 pm on TV8

A collection of the best performances on the stage of Italia’s Got Talent.

The courts of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, at 21:25 on Nove

The amusing theatrical show by Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, between jokes and hilarious gags. With the participation of Marina Massironi.

Film tonight on TV not to be missed on Sunday 28 August 2022