First Impressions: Immortal Empires

Hello people! On August 23, one of the most anticipated updates by the gaming community arrived. Today it’s time to give you my first impressions of Immortal Empiresthe latest update (in beta) that expands the content of the game to unimaginable heights.

The best thing is that it is completely free and we can enjoy it as long as we have the three deliveries. Although those who only have the third installment, you can enjoy Immortal Empires in multiplayer as long as any player has all three.

For those who are somewhat lost and do not know what I am talking about, I summarize the huge amount of news. With Immortal Empires, the people of SEGA have included the three playable maps in the three deliveries, united in a single map. The result is a new campaign of immense proportions.

In data, the campaign has 86 legendary lords, 23 races, 533 regions, 278 initial factions and 4 complete seas. In this maelstrom you will have to become the supreme master of the world.

First impressions: Immortal Empires it’s huge | Review of all the new features included

The largest map to date

The new game mode offers a variety of new features and approaches to the combined battlefield:

  • The 86 Legendary Lords Of the three titles Total War: Warhammer.
  • Be’Lakor he is now a Legendary Lord with his own faction.
  • dedicated factions for several of the older Legendary Lords, including: Grombrindal, Helman Ghorst Y Volkmar the Grim.
  • New start locations for 29 of the oldest Legendary Lords.
  • Improved personal faction mechanics for a selection of the oldest Legendary Lords (such as Volkmar the Grim).
  • A new feature of ‘maritime lanes‘, which allows you to move armies between distant lands and continents, without having to traverse the entire map.
  • New dynamic scenarios for the end of the game: random mid-game and end-game challenges. They function as “final crises” that make the final stages of the campaign more difficult.
  • Revamped victory conditions. The proposal is very interesting, since most of them did not finish the campaigns. With this, the developers have sought to give better reasons to do so. As such, the win requirements on more meaningful objectives have been simplified, while avoiding any arbitrary playstyle requirements.
  • Reworking of corruption. New tools have been included to spread (or reduce) corruption through more active use of armies. There are also small amounts of natural reduction for non-corrupted factions.
  • 8 player multiplayer campaigns. only the host of a multiplayer campaign Immortal Empires You must own all three games. friends who only have WARHAMMERIII They will still be able to join the campaign, though their Legendary Lord choices will be limited to what they have.

Positive ratings to be a beta

First Impressions: Immortal Empires
278 starting factions on a map with 533 regions

If this is first impressions and not an analysis per se, it is precisely because the expansion has been released as a beta. In this sense, despite the magnitude of content, there are many things that are going to change throughout these months. For example, even though there are 278 starting factions, games tend to evolve towards a similar ending. The main factions or with more weights have more options to survive, obviously. In fact, they already warned that the balance between the factions was something they were working on.

Issues such as lighting on battle maps, race corruption, user interface, character models, visual effects, audio, and overall game balance are areas for improvement. It is logical that some bugs come out from time to time, but I insist on the scope and ambition of this expansion. Immortal Empires is intended for long-term development to be the most complete experience.

Some races such as Norsca, Dark Elves and Vampire Counts have received updates that have greatly improved their troops and models. Recently it was the turn of the forces of Chaos with the expansion Champions of Chaoswhere, not only have they remodeled the characters, but more than 50 units have been included. They have also included four new lords with their unique characteristics: Azazel, Festus, Vilitch, and Valkia. Each with a new set of Chaos-themed campaign mechanics, playable in the Immortal Empires and Reign of Chaos campaigns.

Patience with what will be the best experience Total War

First Impressions: Immortal Empires

Already the saga Total War: Warhammer It has hundreds of hours guaranteed. With this new expansion they make sure to multiply those same hours while attracting new players. According to data from the company itself, more than 100,000 players returned during the first hours of launch. This represents 80% of the lost player mass that has returned.

It is evident that being such a large project, there may be a mistake or simply something unmanageable for beginners (as was my case). Nevertheless, patienceThey have already announced that they will be working for years (yes, years) until they complete everything they want. If we take into account the possible secondary expansions such as the one mentioned Champions of Chaos with the rest of the races, while they develop this one, I have no doubt that Total War: Warhammer III It will be the best-selling installment of the franchise. Eye, it is already the second on the list; time to time.

Immortal Empires First Impressions

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First Impressions: Immortal Empires