First season of “A Vampire Night’s Dream” comes to an end

The company Bezares Producciones will culminate the first season of the play “Sueño de una noche de vampiros” by Alberto Bezares, with a special Father’s Day performance this Sunday, June 19 at 6:00 p.m. at Tanka Studio, with a 4×3 promotion.

This comedy story tells us about the brothers Germán and Marcelo Dracul-Robles, two clumsy vampires who have not really achieved anything in their lives, and have not been able to stand out in their family. They live with Igora, a green hunchbacked woman, whom they have made immortal and is in charge of all the housework.

Vampires have not eaten in a hundred days due to their clumsiness, Igora will bring possible candidates for them to have a delicacy. On that journey, many things happen that will lead us to an unexpected end.

“The story was a causality that arose more than 15 years ago, I remember that I was on the beach rereading ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, when a little boy came up to sell some cartoon tattoos and one caught my attention because it was the mouth of a vampire, I found it very nice and I even bought him that tattoo. I kept reading and realized that vampire and summer were almost the same letters, and I came up with this title of a horror comedy, which has nothing to do with Shakespeare’s work, but that’s how the rain was created of ideas”, expressed Alberto Bezares.

And despite the fact that this story arose more than 15 years ago, this is the first time that the work has been presented in Cuernavaca, with the aim of providing high-quality work for the Morelos public and tourists.

“Our objective is to bring good theater to Cuernavaca and exploit the talent from Morelos, which is a lot, and we also have the idea of ​​getting people out of their heads that to see good theater you have to go to Mexico City, and spend thousands of pesos, we do it with affordable prices. This work is a reason for the family to have fun and laugh at fear”.

The play “Sueño de una noche de vampiros” features performances by a young and very talented cast made up of: Beto Báez as Germán Dracul-Robles; Jon Lovstar as Marcelo Dracul-Robles; Maria Serrato as Igora; Paulina Botello as The Nun and John Santaolalla as The Rocker.

What do you enjoy most about this work?

Beto Báez: “Going upstairs to have fun, getting into the vampire character and forgetting about Beto to play Germán.”

Jon Lovstar: “Being with my friends, having fun behind the scenes and on stage, everyone has something special to give to the audience and that’s what makes this play magical.”

María Serrato: “Doing theater and sharing with people, and the same with my colleagues, because the team we form is incredible, each one contributes and very cool things are created.”

John Santaolalla: “It is my debut in this work, and I have had a great time with my colleagues, being with them and feeling part of a family, I enjoy it a lot; as well as the applause of the people. Also, I really like the character, which suited me”.

Paulina Botello: “Going on stage to make people laugh and live together, I really enjoy that people forget about their problems in the theater and concentrate on laughing.”

The assembly of the work took them approximately two months, and it had a successful season with a good reception from the public. Now it culminates with a special feature, promising to return soon with a second season.

“Bezares Producciones is a theater company that will always make you laugh, we never put on dramas, more than fun for the whole family, with original works and stories, author works that you won’t see anywhere else,” said Carolina Ponce, producer and stage director at Bezares Productions.

Do not miss this work in Tanka Studio, located at Teopanzolco 412, col. Reform, Cuernavaca, Mor. Tickets have a cost of $200, a 4×3 promotion for this last function.

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First season of “A Vampire Night’s Dream” comes to an end