From history to science fiction: which are the most popular themes of online casino games

The themes of online games are made with only two purposes: to attract a certain audience passionate about certain themes and, secondly, to give character to the game itself. In recent years we have seen an increasingly exponential growth of online gaming. If until a decade ago the majority of players were a younger audience and the most played type of game exclusively MMORPGs and other types of adventure, with the advent of smartphones, online gaming has spread almost everywhere.

Today we can find any type of pastime on a simple mobile phone: trump, broom, rummy, puzzle games, exciting or relaxing pastimes. If we then consider the transition to ADM (ex-AAMS) of the regulations for online gambling, it is obvious that for some time we have been able to count on the fixed presence of a really wide choice of games with which to pass the time and online casino safe where to bet small amounts, or maybe play with virtual money, without spending anything.

Themes and themes of online games: from history to science fiction

Over the years, thanks also to continuously developing and improving technologies, we have been able to witness an ever wider diversification of the thematic character of each video game. If once it was difficult to make a player understand that the theme was about Egypt, for example, today we have many games set in a 3D reproduction loyal to the pyramids, as well as themed pastime where there are music, graphics and many elements of a typically Egyptian character.

Let’s take slot machines for example: anyone who has played these machines in the past will certainly have noticed that, with very rare exceptions, the only real slot model that existed was the one with the fruits and the word BAR. The type in question is so famous that it now has a dedicated section in any casino, online and physical. However, in the last twenty years, starting from the “roller boxes”, we have witnessed a real mission, by the producers of gambling, to include very different settings and themes, involving mythology, symbolism, many special functions and, of course, new and innovative game modes.

After all, slot machines are one of the most popular games of chance and it is completely normal that given their popularity, the audience would soon have been increased, diversifying it in target and tastes. The games have become even more complex: free spins, windows of time for double winnings and a little bit of everything that computer programming could (and can) give.

What has really changed, however, is the graphic aspect: once a couple of drawings placed behind the hard plastic of the cabinet were enough to complete the work, but thanks also to the introduction of online casinos and virtual slot machines, the post in game has risen, forcing many slot machine manufacturers to create graphically appealing products, well thought out and to the point of almost setting a sort of “story”, or at least atmosphere.

The most popular themes? Ancient Egypt, science fiction, vampires and fantasy themes, knights and princesses, but also a bit of nostalgia for the videogames of the past: Lara Croft, Resident Evil and even Hitman, or even very famous characters from action films and comics like the Marvel heroes! Obviously there is no shortage of historical themed slots, which exploit the fame of historically influential characters such as Cleopatra and Marco Polo, or even some who use Dante and Leonardo da Vinci. The jungle is a great classic: not only slot machines inspired by famous jungle movies like Jumanji or Jurassic Park, but also many products that create an adventurous setting in the Amazon rainforest or other exotic places.

Some would say that there are no love stories, but in reality one of the most played slot machines in the world is “Immortal Romance”, with a gothic atmosphere and four characters whose “story” you gradually discover.

If slot machines become photo novels

Once upon a time there were the so-called “photo novels”: magazines released on a regular basis that reported intricate stories of love and passion with photos of the protagonists, often the only way for our grandparents to put a face to the characters involved.

Some slot machines have absorbed that concept, giving players the chance to discover a rather stripped-down “story” that accompanies the theme of the machine. Obviously online slot machines have much more possibilities in this regard, allowing the viewing of more complicated movies and animations, so we have to thank the online casinos again if even the physical counterparts become more interesting.

Let’s take Ancient Egypt for example, which has always been a widely used setting both in visual media such as cinema and TV, as well as in everything that is books, fashion and obviously also video games. Perhaps it is the great aesthetic beauty that attracts so much attention, or perhaps the mystery surrounding this ancient civilization, to which we feel we are all inextricably linked, but it is a fact that when we want to create something adventurous and mysterious, we often ‘is some middle pyramid.

Of course, in recent years also the Aztec and Maya settings have experienced a great media attention, but always because they represent, in their cryptic and hardly decipherable symbolism, an adventure, the mystery, something to discover and to spend time with.

Machines that use a theme relating to agriculture, gardening or symbolic figures such as the “Cuccagna tree” are not uncommon either. Everything is done in such a way as to drag the player into a set of simple and easy to read icons, which helps to immerse themselves in a moment of relaxation.

There is no shortage of more innovative themes, such as science fiction and other rather “technological” settings, involving the Marvel heroes or DC Comics of which there are now many variants of slot machines. What about sport then? Football, Formula One, even athletics and boxing: there is no real limit to what cars we can find today, it seems there is one for any interest you may have!

Which slot machine do you choose for the theme?

Some might argue that no one chooses slot machines for the theme, but rather for “concrete” values ​​such as RTP and chance of winning. Yes, of course, there are also these middle factors, but in an increasingly competitive market it is necessary to offer, in addition to a mechanically perfect system, that “something more” that can make the difference. In this case, therefore, a specific theme such as perhaps the aforementioned Marvel heroes, so as to entertain in several ways: on the one hand the adrenaline of being able to win sums of money, on the other the simple seeing our favorite characters and the themes that we love more spinning whirlwind to unlock game modes where we can enjoy free spins or increased winnings feeling immersed in the right “environment”!

From history to science fiction: which are the most popular themes of online casino games