Fulgor, cinema is alive. And he meets

The cinema? He is not dead, on the contrary he is in good health. And platforms are not the enemy, but they can even become a good ally for the ninth art. At the Fulgor Cinema they are convinced of it, even with data in hand. “At the inauguration, on 8 September, with a summer climate and barely any communication, there was a queue at the box office. A sign that when there is content, the public responds ”. Elena Zanni, at the helm of the Hall made famous by Fellini (but not only), is aware of the difficulties overcome (Covid) and those around the corner, indeed already facing (the energy crisis) but she sees the glass half full . “It’s an obstacle course, but last season’s experience, in which we enhanced the cinematic offerings and related events, were successful. A sign that ‘real’ cinema and cultural productions work ”.
And so the Fulgor Cinema tries again, in the sign of a restart, with many original initiatives and exclusive productions. about thirty appointments scheduled in the historic Rimini room until December: events, reviews, tributes and retrospectives. “Without forgetting that the Fulgor, in addition to international fame and the restoration that allows full use, can host congresses, conferences and guests such as John Landis” notes the event coordinator Linda Lazzari (in the photo on the right, together with the entire staff of the Fulgor Cinema).

And cinema is it!
Dark in the room, therefore. There is “The rediscovered cinema”, the review of the Cineteca di Bologna, and the tribute to David Bowie. October in the name of horror and the underworld in the Big Apple. In November we pay homage to the star of the month Joan Crawford but it is also the time of the pulp women.
Ready go, and are immediately “Heroes”. Monday 26 September (20:30) will be screened Moonage Daydream directed by the director of Cobain: Montage Of Heck Brett Morgen, and presented at the last Cannes Film Festival 2022. It is the first official film on the life and career of David Bowie, the brilliant artist who passed away in 2016. Before the screening it will be held “Heroes”, a live concert interpreted by Marco Mantovani on piano, Massimo Marches on guitar, bass and electronics, Houdini Righini on vocals and Aldo Maria Zangheri on viola.
The film will not only talk about the life of David Bowie but will mainly focus on his creative genius and his ability to range from music to other arts and expressions, and contains 48 tracks mixed from the original stems, unpublished images from the Bowie archives, and numerous unpublished videos shot in 35mm and 16mm.
The tribute to Bowie continues on Sunday 3 October at 10:30 am breakfast and film at the Fulgor, Miriam wakes up at midnight by Tony Scott with David Bowie as a dying vampire alongside Catherine Deneuve and Susanne Sarandon e The man who fell to earth by Nicolas Roeg, in which David Bowie she plays an alien who comes to earth to try to save her from drought.

The rediscovered cinema
The review of the Cineteca di Bologna arrives at Fulgor lMonday 10 October (9pm) with Psychoa masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock in original version restored in 4K, while Monday 5 December at the same time arrives Singing in the rain by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly restored in 4K in 2022.

October horror
If there’s a month that best represents the horror genre, it’s October. After Miriam wakes up at midnight And Psycho it continues with other films included in the retrospective Universal Monsters, the characters or rather the most famous monsters in the history of cinema. Sunday 16 October (10:30 am) Frankenstein, and Monday 24 October (9 pm) The invisible man, both directed by director James Whale
On Monday 17 October, the Fulgor presents a film that mixes fiction and visionary, horror documentary, which explores the history of witchcraft, Satanism and demonology. Great special effects for the time. The most famous film by Danish director Benjamin Christensen, Witchcraft through the ages (Häxan) of the 1922, silent.
The theme of the split personality will be the protagonist on Halloween, Monday 31 October (9 pm), with the version of 1941 with Spencer tracy and Ingram Bergman de Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Underworld in New York City
Two proposals on Sunday 30 October (10:30 am): Serpico by Sidney Lumet (1973) e Those good guys by Martin Scorsese (1990). Tribute to Paul Sorvino and Ray Liotta.

The star of the month
The tribute is to Oscar winner Joan Crawford. Monday 7 November (9 pm) Mildred’s Novel by Michael Curtiz (1944) which earned him the best leading actress. Sunday 13 November (10:30 am) it is the turn of Johnny Guitar by Nicholas Ray (1958), while Monday 14 November (9 pm) will be screened I know you will kill me by David Miller (1952).

Pulp women
“The review is dedicated to the pulp phenomenon – born in the USA in the 1930s – and dedicated to love and relationships between women. – explains the curator of the Fulgor program, Elisa Luchetta – The calendar is created with the collaboration of the Casa delle Donne and Anne Lister Italia ”.
Among the various proposals, Monday 21 November at 21 Loving Highsmith by Eva Vitija (2022) in preview at the Fulgor Cinema. A documentary full of new information on the life of writer Patricia Highsmith.

To all Spielberg
On the occasion of the theatrical release in December of the new film by Steven Spielberg, the semi autobiographical The Fabelmans a coming of ageCinema Fulgor offers the director’s first feature film Duel (1971), Monday 19 December (9 pm).

Sing it again, John
A musical evening dedicated to John Belushi, with an unpublished documentary translated by Fulgor and exclusively for the occasion, is scheduled for Tuesday 13 December (8:30 pm) with Belushi by RJ Cutler (2020).

Podcasts are coming
Another novelty of the Fulgor is the production of podcasts on the history of cinema, behind the scenes and the stories of the actors. They will be carried out, every two weeks starting from October, from responsible for programming Elisa Luchetta who already produces some for her channel “Midnight Tales”. In November, for example, the birth (and development) of the Fulgor cinema itself will be told.
“The Fulgor with the new programming – it is sure director Elena Zanni – confirms itself as a cultural place, with structured and successful events, such as screenings preceded by live music, but also as a place for socializing with events capable of bringing together various generations“.
Paolo Guiducci

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