Game of Thrones, Elite… These series episodes that caused a scandal #season2

What would the series be without a good dose of scandal? Romantic relationships, religion, sex, the themes dealt with by the fictions are sometimes controversial. Here are nine examples of episodes that have marked viewers, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Update of the article “13 Reasons Why, Elite… These episodes of series which caused a scandal (Season 2)” published in February 2020 and updated in September 2022

13 Reasons Why (season 1, episode 13)

Well, it’s true that pretty much the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why caused controversy when it was released on Netflix. But what we really talked about at the time was Hannah’s suicide scene in the last episode. Too colorful, it shocked many subscribers and created a real scandal. Finally, two years after its release, the platform decided to remove the scene. “Following the advice of medical experts, we have decided, with the agreement of series creator Brian Yorkey and his producers, to remove the scene from season 1 during which Hannah kills herself”, wrote Netflix in a press release.

The Griffins (Season 8, episode 21)

The Griffins Family Guy

© Fox

Do you know the Streisand effect? We’ll make it short: when you try to hide information, it’s often the opposite effect that occurs. In the case of this episode of Griffin (Where family guy for the purists), Lois resorts to an abortion. This delicate subject (and unfortunately still relevant in the United States) led Fox to simply ban the episode, which was never broadcast on the air. To see it, go to DVD.

Game Of Thrones (season 4, episode 3)



We could finally list dozens of controversies in Game Of Thrones, but one of the most important concerns the already very ambiguous relationship between Cersei and Jaime who, we remember for the newbies, are brothers and sisters. But in the third episode of season 4, a scene is beyond comprehension: that of the rape of Cersei by her brother in front of the corpse of their son. Yes, it is very very disturbing. The production defended itself by claiming that the scene was not explicitly depicted as rape. Yeah.

Elite (season 2, episode 1)


© Netflix

Whether in Game Of Thrones or in any series, we have to confess something to you: we are against incestuous relationships. It’s crazy, right? Well the writers ofElite decided to go against our wishes with the relationship between Lu and Valerio who are still half-siblings! In the first episode of season 2, both kiss on the pool table and it’s completely disgusting to say. Many fans then reacted on social networks to ask that their relationship end.

American Horror Story (season 5, episode 1)


© FX

We don’t think we’re wrong in saying thatAmerican Horror Story often the subject of controversy and scandal. Season 5 is no exception with this terribly disturbing scene in the very first episode. Here, a heroin addict is raped by a faceless demon equipped with a strap-on sex toy. “We made this scene to image the feeling of the addiction” justified the creator of the series.

Big Mouth (season 3, episode 7)


© Netflix

If there is an animated series that does not set any limits in the themes addressed, it is Big Mouth. In episode 7 of the third season, a new student named Ali arrives at school and explains that she is pansexual. “That means I’m into boys, girls, and everything in between..” A term that she opposes to bisexuality, which is, according to her, only the attraction towards men and women. A definition that turns out to be wrong, since bisexuals can also like transgender people. Andrew Goldberg, one of the four co-creators of Big Mouth, then took his keyboard to apologize on Twitter. “We screwed up here with this definition of bisexuality versus pansexuality. The other creators and I sincerely apologize for making people feel misrepresented..”

More beautiful life (season 10, episode 2441)


© France Televisions

More beautiful life never goes into lace when she wants to address social issues. When it comes to drugs in 2014, the show features two of its most popular characters in a bizarre situation. On March 3, 2014, Thomas taught Mirta how to roll a joint. Many viewers complained, and the Superior Council of Audiovisual was even interested in it. Finally, no warning had been given to France 3 following this scene which will remain in the annals of the series.

buffy the vampire slayer (season 6, episode 19)


© The WB

Rather dark, season 6 of buffy the vampire slayer marked the minds of the fans. They especially remember this scene from the nineteenth episode in which Spike tries to rape Buffy in a moment of despair, when both have just broken up. The realization of this scene, filmed close-up on the faces of these two characters, struck many viewers. This moment marked television with its realism, and the feelings of the characters who transpired on the screen.

Roseane (season 6, episode 18)

roseanne sharon


Yes, there was a time when showing a kiss between two characters of the same sex created scandal (how is that sometimes still the case today?). In 1994 was proposed the episode “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (“Don’t ask, don’t tell” in French) in which Roseanne and Sharon kiss. Still, ABC viewers almost never saw it, given that the channel had planned never to air it. However, more than 30 million people were finally in front of their post at that time.

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Game of Thrones, Elite… These series episodes that caused a scandal #season2