Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy … these series actors who failed their audition #Season3

Actors and actresses are human beings like any other. Thus, a bit like us during job interviews, it sometimes happens that they fail castings for a series and miss their audition. The proof by 9.

[MISE A JOUR] : This article “These actors and actresses of series who failed their audition #Season3” was originally published in February 2021. It was updated and reposted in August 2022.

Lili Reinhart had missed her first audition for Riverdale

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Lili Reinhart made a name for herself thanks to her character of Betty Cooper in the series Riverdale. However, she almost missed out on the role. As she confided during the Late Show with Stephen Colberthis first audition had not convinced the producers. “I registered from home and they failed me. They weren’t interested. They didn’t want me.” says the actress. But this one did not say her last word and, after moving to Los Angeles, she appeared in person before the casters. “And then I got the role! » reveals Lili Reinhart.

Ed Westwick didn’t have the profile to play Nate Archibald in gossip girl

chuck nate gossip girl

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It’s not uncommon for an actor to audition for a role other than the one they end up getting on a show. This is the case, for example, of Ed Westwick who, before becoming the essential Chuck Bass of gossip girl, had passed the casting to play Nate Archibald. However, the American channel The CW found that he looked like a serial killer and therefore did not have the right profile for the character in question. Nevertheless, Ed Westwick did not totally fail his audition since he subsequently landed the role of Chuck Bass in the series.

Hilary Duff did “very bad job” at his audition for Lizzie McGuire

lizzie mcguire

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While it’s impossible to imagine another actress as Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff confesses to E! News that she did “very bad job” during his audition for the title role of the Disney Channel series. “I had not read my text” says the actress. Still, designer Terri Minsky saw potential in her: “I was very honest and told Hilary Duff that she needed to get into character more. Because I knew she had a lot of talent.. And she was not mistaken!

Nina Dobrev didn’t make a good impression on the creators of The Vampire Diaries the first time


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Against all odds, the star of The Vampire Diaries did not leave a memorable memory to Julie Plec during her first audition. The co-creator of the series tells Entertainment Weekly : “The funny thing is that Nina didn’t make a good impression on us. None of us remember seeing her the first time”. As you can imagine, the story does not end there. “And then, going through her agents and the casting directors, she said, ‘Look, I was sick that day, I didn’t do my best, I really want this role.’ She filmed and recorded herself, sent us the video and it was so magical and perfect that she almost got the job at that precise moment”. Proof that you should never give up in life.

Pedro Pascal and his audition for Game Of Thrones



David Benioff, showrunner of Game Of Thronesdoes not have very good memories of hearing Pedro Pascal (Oberyn Martell) for the series. “First of all, it was an iPhone selfie mode audition, which was quite unusual. And it wasn’t one of those fancy iPhones with a great camera. The rendering was horrible; it was shot vertically; the whole sounded very amateurish. Except the performance, which was intense and convincing and good” he declares to the specialized media variety.

Shenae Grimes failed her first audition for 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation

annie 90210

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It was on her YouTube channel that Shenae Grimes returned to her failed audition for 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation. On this occasion, she invited her former co-stars AnnaLynne McCord and Matt Lanter to a special video. The interpreter of Annie Wilson reveals that when she arrived in Los Angeles for the casting, she first auditioned for the role of Erin Silver. But once the time came, she no longer remembered her text!

Shenae Grimes says she has “burst into tears” leaving the audition room, which benefited her for the role of Annie because she had to play a scene where her character was just crying. The actress finally landed the role of Annie Wilson in 90210while Jessica Stroup played Erin Silver.

Jim Parsons nearly missed out on the role of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory

sheldon cooper the big bang theory


Technically Jim Parsons didn’t fail his audition for Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Nonetheless, Chuck Lorre, one of the show’s co-creators, wasn’t sure he was right for the role. During the podcast At Home with the Creative Coalitionthe other co-creator of the series Bill Prady says: “Jim Parsons came along and, in one audition, he was the Sheldon you saw on TV. He created this character during casting. When he left the room, I turned around and said, ‘It’s him!’ And Chuck turned around and said, ‘No, he’s going to break your heart. He will never do a performance like that again.. In the end, it was Bill Prady who was right. “Jim Parsons came back the next day and gave us the exact same performance. It was Sheldon” he concludes.

Sandra Oh had to leave in the middle of her audition to Grey’s Anatomy

cristina yang grey's anatomy


Sandra Oh’s audition for Grey’s Anatomy didn’t quite go as planned. As the Australian magazine reports Now To Lovethe actress had to leave “for a variety of reasons… She had forgotten her phone at home, her wallet, and had received a last minute call from her agent. But in the end it didn’t seem like the right time, so she left.”. The actress explains: “I arrived early, warmed up and then waited to practice with everyone. And then I tell them, ‘Sorry, I have to go.. Fortunately Shonda Rhimes immediately saw the potential of Sandra Oh and knew she was made to play Cristina Yang.

Nicollette Sheridan hadn’t auditioned for the right role for Desperate Housewives

edie britt desperate housewives


The cast of Desperate Housewives could have been very different. Originally, Nicollette Sheridan, inimitable Edie Britt, had auditioned to play… Bree Van de Kamp! However, the producers did not see her in this role. “At the end, the director looked at me and said, ‘No, no, I don’t see you as Edie anymore. I was like, ‘Oh, I see, I’m coming to play a housewife/mother and I end up being a drag'” remembers the actress. Eddie in all her glory!

Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy … these series actors who failed their audition #Season3