GOTY 2022: Our best games of the year

At the end of each year that passes, we of Gamesource’s editorial staff get together to decree the best games that have characterized it, based purely on our tastes, on the titles that have excited or entertained us the most. What you will find below is a scattered list of the titles that we liked the most along with the game that we elected as the best of this 2022, our GOTY.


A new Monkey Island developed by Ron Gilbert? Until a few months ago it seemed impossible. And instead, during this 2022 we have returned to sail the Caribbean seas again in the company of Guybrush, Elaine and LeChuck, in a graphic adventure capable of re-proposing the same spirit as 30 years ago, albeit with a modernized and streamlined formula.
In fact, with this new chapter in the series, Gilbert has proven to be a great connoisseur of the tastes and habits of current players and all of Terrible Toybox has worked hard to offer a significantly reduced yet decidedly enjoyable level of difficulty. At the same time, the artistic sector has been completely rethought and offers a style that is certainly unusual but extremely beautiful to look at and functional in the animations.
A must for anyone who grew up on name-calling contests and three-headed monkeys, a dream finally realized after more than 30 years of waiting.


The third iteration of the world’s most famous witch reaches its peak in every respect. Not only with the excuse of the multiverse, Bayonetta has fielded a story with a very high rhythm between continuous changes of eras, settings, always new enemies, new weapons and new demons to control. Why yes, this time, we can directly control the demons summoned by Bayonetta in clashes that strongly recall those of Ultraman or Godzilla, all integrated with the classic stylish combat characteristic of the PlatinumGames signed series.
Bayonetta 3 is a real technical miracle on the Switch, considering everything it does to move on the screen trying to maintain 60 frames per second, a confirmation of the talent of the Japanese studio. Despite not having elected it as the best game of this year, it is unquestionably the best action title ever released in this 2022: worthy entry into the GOTYs.



Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is not the best Xenoblade, with its sometimes confusing plot and technical problems that unfortunately slaughter the exclusive Nintendo Switch (especially at this stage of its life cycle) narrowly enters this list. Yet we can’t fail to reward the sheer emotional power of his story, the interest in exploring an interesting topic and devoting all possible effort to it. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 stumbles here and there, but offers a precious and genuine experience, like few exist in a market increasingly concentrated on pleasing the mass audience, trying to make everyone happy.


Ubisoft strikes again in one of the best (and funniest) strategy games of this 2022. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope again merges the colorful worlds of Super Mario with the madness of the Rabbids. Ubisoft Milano masterfully manages to perfect the first chapter which was already an excellent product thanks to a new movement system and greater variety in the fights which are intuitive, well balanced and above all never boring. The team led by Soliani brings home great results and we can confirm that Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is much more than just a sequel and certainly one of the best titles of this year. Strategy, puzzles and fun… what’s better than that?



The adventure of this little fox is one of the brightest examples of the prolific and teeming storm of ideas taking place in some indie studios. Not only is the whole artistic sector a feast for the eyes and ears, but the gameplay is full of challenges on multiple levels. Don’t be fooled by the enchanted atmosphere in which the work is imbued, Tunic’s combat system is extremely punitive and the solution to the many secrets that will arise will often be arcane and mysterious. However, the game manual will come to our aid, whose pages are nothing more than collectibles and which, just like the paper manuals of the past, will give us clues on how to tackle certain puzzles.
A small indie pearl that will not fail to fascinate both thanks to its artistic solutions and thanks to its original gameplay gimmicks.


Here is a shiny pearl developed and published by our compatriot Luca Galante, Vampire Survivors is a really interesting shoot ’em up roguelike in which the player must defeat huge hordes of bats, skeletons and other monstrosities (there are no vampires LOL). Our hero (among many to choose from) can collect gems to unlock relics that enhance our (non) vampire hunter. The game is a must-try (it’s free on Android and iOS) but be careful because it can bewitch you and cause addiction! Honorable mention to the quotations included in the Italian localization, understandable only in our beautiful country, dedicated to popular trash (long live Clerici and La Borra).



The greatness of God of War and Elden Ring this year seems to have overshadowed the rest of the productions. But Horizon Forbidden West certainly looks good, with a sequel that improves and magnifies everything that was seen in Zero Dawn. From the plot that drags the player with curiosity and desire to discover, to the always fun gameplay, up to the construction of a rich world full of activities and amazing views. Unfortunately however, everything in which he excels has, on the other side of the coin, small defects which put together do not allow him to reach perfection.


Discipline, training, dedication, revenge. Sifu is the interactive and videogame personification of the principles of Kung Fu, the set of martial arts of Chinese origin. Sloclap’s latest effort doesn’t give anyone discounts, but for those who can stand up to him, an unforgettable experience will open up, which deserves to be crowned among the best of 2022. Unmissable in our GOTYs.



God of War Ragnarok was the gargantuan sequel to the chapter released in 2018 by Santa Monica Studio. The epic of Kratos and Atreus collects the heavy legacy left four years ago in a monumental exaltation of joy, pain and anger.
The gameplay formula welcomes a series of additional layers that make every blow dealt in the splendid realms of Norse mythology even more rewarding.
Artistic direction and sound assist a narrative that certainly could have been more dry in some situations, but which manages to further explore a multifaceted cast of distinct characters, thus giving players what can be defined as the spearhead for PlayStation Studios of this 2022 and excellent member of GOTY.


Our GOTY is, and could only be, Elden Ring. We will be discounted, we know it, yet we cannot reward anything other than Elden Ring. The perfect term to describe it is the overused (but never improperly) monumental, it is a title destined not to remain unique, but to be copied and recopied for years, if not decades. Like Breath of the Wild before him, he wrote the history of the video game by creating an experience that was familiar, yet never seen before. The declination to the Open World and a greater approachability, has allowed him to reach an audience never seen before and to attract the attention of all those who before then kept well away from the various “Soulsborne”. 11 years after Dark Souls, From Software has created a new revolution and we can only be thrilled.

And here’s our personal one GOTY 2022. Do you agree with the editorial staff or would you have reversed the classification? Let us know in the comments

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