Guest characters in TEKKEN 8? These are the ones we would like to see

Many have been the characters from other games and series that have gone through Tekken 7. But… And the guest characters in Tekken 8? We have a good list with our favorites.

It’s a shame but many of the invited characters, if not any (something that one smells very strongly) from Tekken 7 will not be in Tekken 8. It is very difficult that characters like Negan from The Walking Dead, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV or Akuma from Street Fighter returns to repeat appearance in Tekken 8.

It would be a detail on the part of Bandai Namco that, although these guest characters do not appear in Tekken 8, their fighting styles are maintained. Or that even once they put a character editor like the one that SoulCalibur has since SoulCalibur III and that improves over time. Although if Bandai Namco hasn’t preserved combat styles in SoulCalibur, I don’t think they will in Tekken 8.

I think that of all the guest characters from Tekken 7 that could repeat appearance in Tekken 8 is Akuma. And all for a simple reason, because the Street Fighter fighter has been introduced into the history of Tekken 7 in a great way, so his appearance in Tekken 8 may be real. It is more difficult for Negan who comes from a series.

Characters from other sagas that we want to see in the tremendous Iron Fist Tournament 8

Like the list of Tekken characters we want to see in this eighth numbered installment, there has been a lot of discussion in the Guiltybit offices. They freaked out a bit at first, but I’ve told them that this isn’t a Party Game like Smash and to be serious. So after much discussion these are the guests we want to see in TEKKEN 8.

Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza)

someone known as “The Dragon of Dojima” It should be in every fighting video game. Kazuma Kiryu has always sounded strong as a guest character in Tekken 7. But very strong. The character who has starred in more games in the Yakuza saga is a tough guy, not very talkative and with a brutal mastery of martial arts. He is a character that would fit perfectly in Tekken 8 and all fans of the Ryu ga Gotoku saga know that. He has punches, kicks and grabs to bore and would make a tough match for the Mishimas.

Tekken 8: Like a Dragon

Ryu Hayabusa (Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden)

Do you remember when Kunimitsu’s first teaser trailer was seen? The video showed a silhouette of a ninja on top of a pagoda. This pagoda can be seen in one of the stages in Dead or Alive. And who is the most “ninja” of the Tecmo Koei saga? Well, neither more nor less than Ryu Hayabusa, protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden saga.

In the end, he did not turn out to be a guest character for Tekken 7, but people really want to see some cross-over between these two mythical sagas. Although my favorite Dead or Alive character is Jann Lee, I think Ryu Hayabusa is more likely to appear in this installment. Even Kasumi and Ayane doing their thing investigating the Mishima clan or some grudge against Master Raven.

Tekken 8 Ryu Hayabusa
Ryu Hayabusa is one of the most powerful fighters in Dead or Alive. He also stars in the Ninja Gaiden saga and does not “cut” when it comes to eliminating his enemies.

Virtua Fighter Characters

“Eyecaredanger” let’s not rule out any character from Virtua Fighter. Along with Dead or Alive, it is the saga that has the most possibilities (Street Fighter and The King of Fighters have had their representatives) to appear in Tekken 8. I don’t know who would be the guest character of Virtua Fighter in Tekken 8, but it is most likely which would be Akira Yuki.

Sarah and Jacky are other hopefuls, but their styles are very similar to other characters like Lei or Marshall Law. Akira Yuki has always been the face of Virtua Fighter, and his traditional fighting style is unlike anything in Tekken. I remind you boys and girls that in Virtua Fighter 5 in its version for PlayStation 4, Tekken was present in the form of costumes.

Tekken 8 Akira Yuki
Akira Yuki is the face of the Virtua Fighters. He is not an easy character to get along with, but he already showed that in Dead or Alive he fit in very well. The image is from the last Virtua Fighter.

Vega (Street Fighter)

In Tekken 7 there was a representative of Street Fighter. Akuma was giving war in the game in a brutal way. I think he is still the strongest character in the game to this day. A bestiality of a character that had a lot of weight in the story mode. So much so that it seemed that he was from the beginning in the history of the Mishima.

But leaving Akuma aside, what we want to see here is Vega. The most beautiful Spaniard would give a lot of play with his claw and besides he could have his more and his less against Miguel. Two Spaniards hitting each other on the stage of “Fiesta del Tomate”? If it’s a DLC I pay for it. Other Street Fighter characters that I would like to see in a Tekken is Chun-Li or Sagat. The latter would be wonderful to see as he takes on Fahkumram.

Tekken 8 Vega
Vega “El Bello” would be a very good guest character for Tekken 8. There would be more of a Spanish presence in the game and a fight against Miguel would be epic.

Ryō Hazuki (Shenmue)

Another who would hit and a lot in Tekken 8 as a guest is Ryo Hazuki, protagonist of the Shenmue saga. Although the best thing would be for him to appear in Virtua Fighter, let’s not rule out that he could be a guest fighter in Tekken 8. Ryo dominates Karate and Jiu-Jitsu, although he mixes all this with his father’s fighting style and many other fighting techniques. martial arts that he is learning in Japan and China.

Tekken 8 Ryo Hazuki Shenmue
Ryo Hazuki, protagonist of Shenmue, in a mod for Street Fighter V.


Not long ago we brought you to this website a mod they made for Tekken 7 in which you could see Baki. Taking Fahkumram as a base, they changed the whole look of the Thai to be Baki. The truth is that his fighting style is correct, but not the height. Fahkumram is a huge beast and Baki is not. Yujiro Hanma’s son is a beast but not very big.

This character from the manga and anime that bears his name would be a perfect guest in Tekken 8. And by the way, his father, oh my, the jumps of joy that some would give. Yujiro, the strongest being on planet Earth, fighting Kazuya Mishima in one last match. I think the planet wouldn’t take it. If you want to see more Tekken 8 dog mods don’t forget visit my youtube channel.


Blade returns in 2023 and has to be promoted. Can you imagine the appearance of the vampire hunter in Tekken? In Bandai Namco the design is already done and is called Raven. When Tekken 5 came out, all Christ compared it to the Marvel character played by Wesley Snipes. And what does a guy like Blade do in Tekken 8? Well, the same as Negan, who nobody expected and has been one of the craziest characters in the game with his modified baseball bat.

Tekken 8 Blade Marvel
Raven in Tekken 5 is a character that looks like Blade. They have the design, it would be to put him to fight with a raincoat and take out one of his weapons at a specific time. They would also take advantage of the pull of the film.

other fighters

Any character can come to fighting video games. You just have to agree and the fighters jump from saga. The ones posted here have tried to make sense. Although we are talking about Tekken, a saga in which an Ogre, two bears, a kangaroo may well appear or fight against a wooden doll and even against a small dinosaur.

So you can see how far the nardería can go, these are some names that have sounded in the Guiltybit offices:

  • Kratos from God of War
  • Dante or Nero from Devil May Cry
  • v for cyberpunk
  • Andre from Dark Souls
  • Kaine from NieR
  • The or the protagonist of Sifu
  • The Goose from Untitled Goose Game

In Tekken 7 some very crazy things have been seen, like the aforementioned Negan from The Walking Dead, who was not expected by anyone, and Noctis from Final Fantasy. You can perfectly visit Tekken 8 a character from Nier, Bayonetta herself, Dante Sparda from Devil May Cry or Jill Valentine from Resident Evil.

Guest characters in TEKKEN 8? These are the ones we would like to see