Guillermo del Toro: Meet his most emblematic creations

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Mexican director Guillermo del Toro It has given us stories with unique characters full of imagination, thanks to this we can see some monsters that have become a trend in the film industry.

For that reason, we made a count with the best characters that the director has created, These have managed to captivate the entire world with their unique personalities.

The Pale Man

He made his appearance in the movie “Pan’s Labyrinth” and immediately became the worst nightmare of many, this character is full of evil and can even scare anyone.

According to del Toro, this creature represents fascism and the church devouring children, enjoying a succulent banquet right in front of it. He means that they are a symbol of famine.

What the pale man seeks is to kill the innocent and then feed on them, with the help of his horrible hands full of great strength.

amphibian man

This character is one of the most important in the entire race, this docile and mysterious monster He is one of the protagonists created by Del Toro who has received the most awards: an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

This character has a very particular style and colors that make a unique combination, it is a kind of amphibian with a soft and wet foot, it also has scales on its sides, a curious fact is that Del Toro was inspired by The Monster from the Black Lagoon for the creation of this wonderful species.


This creature can cause a real scare, since it attacks vampires, humans and everything in its path, this makes it a threat to everyone, the good thing is that we have Blade to defend us.

This character is one of the most horrible that the filmmaker has created, not only because of his physical appearance, but because of his characteristics that make him have a high percentage of evil, his design is based on the mutants of Ted Post’s Underworld of the Apes.

Guillermo del Toro in an interview for the Literary Universe mentioned the following:

“In Blade II, Goyer originally described the Reapers as shape-shifters capable of transformations à la Rob Bottin in The Thing. I had vampire notes and drawings done on Vampires that defined Reapers differently. I brought a lot of these ideas to Blade II. Interestingly, those ideas I had used for I Am Legend, when I talked to Warner Bros. about that movie a decade before Will Smith. Now, if you watch I Am Legend, vampires are a bit like Reapers and a lot different than what you [el autor de la novela en que se basa, Richard] Matheson, describes.

The faun

For many fans of the Del Toro movies, the Faun is the favoriteHowever, we have to recognize the work of the actor Doug Jones, who gave life to the Faun, this character is one of the most emblematic in the filmmaker’s career.

The texture of the Faun is unique, it seems carved on a trunk or rock, Del Toro mentioned that one of his main inspirations for the creation of this character were the black paintings of Francisco de Goya and the drawings of the British illustrator Arthur Rackman.

Besides, we must mention the designer Sergio Sandovalwho was the designer of the character, used prosthetics, wigs, and makeup to create it.

Without a doubt Guillermo del Toro always surprises us with his unique characters and stories full of imagination, that has made fans fall in love with all the productions. For related topics listen to the program “8 Track” every Saturday at 7:00 p.m. through 102.5 FM.

Guillermo del Toro: Meet his most emblematic creations