Halloween, the original and creative jobs to do with children: all the ideas

It approaches Halloween, a day to keep children busy with creativity. The opportunity to build scary skeletons to attach to the windows of the house, carve pumpkins or scary mummies with paper.

It is known as the most engaging activities for the children, are the ones where manual skill is shown. What better occasion, to show off these skills for the scariest party of the year?

To the little ones we could propose to do chores with paper, colors, glue, or using recycled materials to create thrilling products. Artistic activities that we can also bring to school, with group work to be done in the classroom with simple materials and where little skill is needed to use them.

Some ideas for Halloween

For the night of the monsters, we can really indulge ourselves with theinvective. This is the festival of skeletons, spiders, bats, mummies, ghosts and pumpkins with monstrous carvings.

Among the most famous ornaments, there is the spider decorated with salt dough. This is perfect to be worked easily, especially if you use it in the classroom with the teachers. A material suitable for every child, where many creations can be put on their feet. This little spider is famous on Halloween, which can be decorated by children with black tempera and brushes.

Sachets are also ideal brings candy, created with colored cards and adorned with the faces of monsters, vampires or spiders. Also useful for the renowned custom of “trick or treat”.

Easy chores to do

There are also much simpler chores to do, with the use of paper, glue and easily available materials. Activities that are sure to entertain your children.

They can be created scary tickets making a bat and a ghost, also printing little hands and feet.

Use colored paper to create others scary cards with the representation of disturbing figures.

A ticket depicting a fat batusing freehand drawing and tissue paper.

Letters cut out of a scrap of fabric, to compose scary words.

Decorate dele plastic bottles to turn them into scary characters like Frankestein or a witch. The characters can also become skittles for a fun family game of bowling.

For the recycled materials, we can use milk cartons, toilet paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls. Even yoghurt pots, to make nice jobs for this “scary” anniversary. Among the ideas, some delicious lanterns made with recycled jars.

Finally, you can create nice faces using gods paper cups. then used to build house of cards or as pins for home bowling.

The DIY Halloween

Among the activities we can do with our little ones, we can certainly carve a pumpkin to create the most famous Halloween character: Jack O’Lantern. To do this, just carve the eyes, a monstrous mouth in the peel and then insert a candle into it, which we will light at nightfall to create the atmosphere.

You can also prepare delicious ones cookies, made with ginger or shortcrust pastry. These will then be decorated with orange and black icing, forming the most disparate shapes: little house; ghost; skeleton; monster.

With children you can also draw the protagonists of this party, cutting them out and then gluing them onto a black card. The ideas are many: the full moon; the haunted house; the ghost; the zombie; etc. All figures that will come to life in a sort of giant comic, which you can attach to the walls of the house on Halloween.

Halloween in Primary School

At the Primary School, there may be little time to carry out small jobs in view of this famous anniversary. However, children can be engaged in small works of art with a sure scenic effect.

Among them, gods catches light in the shape of a ghost, pumpkin in Frankenstein. Children can make them, then take them to class and create a Halloween-worthy atmosphere there.

You can also do some horror themed lanterns. Kids can create them by bringing a glass jar from home and using only glue, food coloring, markers, pencils, scissors and of course a candle to light the creepy lantern.

The jobs of the Teacher Mary

There Teacher Mary it is a sure guarantee to entertain your children and make their artistic ability work.

For Halloween, he suggests we create some silhouettes to print and cut out. You can represent Frankestein, cobwebs, pumpkins, the witch’s hat and many other protagonists of this scary anniversary. The templates can be glued on panels, walls and cards. In addition to printing characters for children to color.

They can be printed and colored banners and decorationspersonalizing them as desired with beads, pieces of paper and everything that comes from children’s imagination to decorate their classroom or bedroom at home.

In the end tutorial and template to create simple jobs, such as a puppet in the shape of a skeleton to be printed or assembled, or the witch to cut out.

Halloween crafts with Art Attack

The famous Art Attack by Giovanni Mucciaccia, proposes for this Halloween to make a puzzle poster of the monster. To do this, we need cardboard sheets, scissors, glue and paints.

There procedure:

  • Take a large sheet of paper and draw a monster without making eyes and mouth;
  • On another card draw many different eyes and mouths, as monstrous as possible, and also in, spots or other elements that can make our monster unique and truly scary;
  • Let’s cut it out and let the kids fill in the monster’s face as they like.

Halloween at the Kindergarten

Here, the children can be helped by the teachers to achieve nice chores using materials such as cardboard, brushes or plastic cups. Here are five ideas that we propose to you:

  • Halloween characters made from toilet paper rolls;
  • Ghosts with leaves;
  • Monstrous footprints;
  • Spiderlings;
  • Monsters with the salt dough.

Characters made with toilet paper

We draw on the rolls the faces and features of the characters, using a black marker and then painting everything. In the end, we can also paste other details on the character.

Ghosts with leaves

We go to the courtyard of the house or the school, to collect particular leaves with changing colors. Let’s choose them beautiful large ones, with particular shapes and above all intact.

We use the white temper ghosts and complete them with the eyes, which we will make with a black marker.

Monstrous footprints

You will need tempera, cardboard, eyes to create some monstrous footprints hands and feet. Then just make the eyes, gluing them or drawing them by hand.

The little spiders

THE spider mites they are made with a central body of colored cardboard, while the legs are made with small wooden sticks (those of ice cream are perfect).

Monsters with salt dough

Making monsters with the salt dough it’s simple, in an activity that can also be done in the classroom.

Need one modeling clay to create Halloween characters, such as skullcaps, ghosts, or any other shape children want. It is left to dry and can then be painted as desired.

There recipe for the salt dough:

  • 250 grams of flour;
  • 250 gr of fine salt;
  • 200 ml of water.

The method:

  • First mix the flour and salt and then add the water too;
  • Knead well until the dough is smooth and homogeneous;
  • Should it be too crumbly you can add a spoonful of water and if too soft add a spoonful of flour.

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Halloween, the original and creative jobs to do with children: all the ideas