Here are the most handsome men of 2022

Beauty is subjective they say: yet there are objective values ​​that can help us figure out which are the most beautiful men this year. Well yes, thanks to increasingly detailed scientific research capable of comparing thousands of people and measuring the standards of beauty (such as the right proportions of the face) we are able to tell you precisely who they are the most beautiful men of 2022.

Impossible to choose just one, you say. 2022 was also a year full of surprises and news for all the famous actors and personalities that we are about to present to you: get ready, prepare some popcorn or some biscuits and let me know if you agree. Do you think anyone is missing from the list?

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10 Jared Leto

(Photo by Lia Toby/Getty Images)

A good year for the actor Jared Leto, who joined what we could define as “Marvel family” (or rather as many of you know, Universe) with the film Morbius, in which he played a sort of vampire superhero alongside the talented Matt Smith. A film that has received mixed reviews from critics but in which we can admire all the beauty of the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer.

9 Henry Cavill

henry cavill most handsome men 2022

A year of surprises for ours Henry Cavill which continues to – rightly – massacre hearts. Just during the height of his success obtained thanks to the role of Geralt of Rivia in the TV series “The Witcher”, the actor preferred to abandon the series to return to play the role of Superman for the saga “Man of Steel” … first to be brutally cancelled. Now Cavill will no longer be able to be neither a superhero nor a Witcher, although we hope that he will soon find another suitable role for him.

However, we recently found him in the sequel to “Enola Holmes”, alongside actress Millie Bobby Brown.

8 Can Yaman

can yaman most handsome men 2022

Beloved by the Italians, the Turkish actor Can Yaman it has nothing to envy and has won a place in our ranking. We recently saw him in the TV series “Viola come il mare”, alongside actress Francesca Chillemi.

7 Jackson Wang

jackson wang most handsome men 2022

Then we find the beautiful rapper Jackson Wang, originally from Hong Kong. He is part of the South Korean band GOT7.

6 Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth most handsome men 2022

A splendid year also for Chris Hemsworth who wins the middle ranking thanks to his eyes of ice and the natural sympathy that brought him into everyone’s hearts. We recently saw this in “Thor: Love and Thunder” alongside Natalie Portman.

5 Timothee Chalamet

timotée chalamet most beautiful men 2022

Lively look, clear eyes and dazzling smile, the actor of “Call me by your Name” Timothee Chalamet kills hearts. This year he was received triumphantly in Venice for the annual Film Festival, where he presented his latest work as a co-star, “Bones and All”, in which he rediscovered the director Luca Guadagnino.

4 Michael B Jordan

micheal b jordan most handsome men 2022

Then we find the beautiful Michael B. Jordanwho will make his directorial debut next year on the film “Creed III.”

3 Harry Styles

harry styles most handsome men of 2022

Without a shadow of a doubt though, this is the year of Harry Styles: his album Harry’s House is still having a huge success dragging everyone inevitably into an always new and different rhythm. We also saw him on the big screen in the film “Don’t Worry Darling” alongside Florence Pugh and now ex-partner Olivia Wilde. In addition, the film “My Policeman” was released in November in which he stars with Emma Corin and David Dawson: you can find it on Amazon Prime Videos.

2 Kim Taeyhung

kim taehyung most beautiful men 2022

Repeatedly nominated as the most beautiful man in the world, in second place we find Kim Taehyung, singer and member of the band BTS. Together with the other members he has collected many successes over time: currently the band has declared that it is in a period of pause following the announcement that each member, as per South Korean tradition, will have to leave for military service.

1 Chris Evans

chris evan most handsome men 2022

But to win and be proclaimed “Sexiest man alive”, or “sexiest man of 2022” according to People magazine is Chris Evansour Captain America, an example of classic beauty that is a bit like wine the more it ages the better it becomes.

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