Here are the worst series debuts, the ones that could have destroyed everything

By Gwendoline Cozette

– Posted on 28 Dec 2022 at 05:00

– Updated on Dec 29, 2022 at 10:23

We loved these series, but their first episode really leaves something to be desired. Here is our selection of the worst series debuts.

Starting a streak is always a new step. And the first episode of the latter has many objectives. This one must thus present us the universe in which we enter, but also the characters. And he must, above all, convince us to continue to the other episodes. But while some series have the worst ending whatever it is, others have, on the contrary, worst first episode. Or at least an episode much less interesting and captivating than the rest of the series.

The 7 worst series debuts, the ones that really gave us a hard time

We’re not going to lie to you, it’s this series that gave us this list idea. Although the series is a dystopian gem, the first episode had to be the only one we would watch. If we love the episodes Free fall, Archangel Where Back to imagewhich constitute the best episodes of the series, the first is far from the case. Entitled The National anthemthe first episode of black-mirror depicts the kidnapping of the Princess of England. No ransom is then demanded, on the contrary, the kidnappers demand that the Prime Minister, Michael Callow, have a sex with a sow and that the images be broadcast publiclyuely. Pretty cool as the first episode, right?

  • Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

We knew that this series was obviously going to talk about the story of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. But what was our surprise when we saw that the latter was arrested as soon as first episode. So no, we won’t go so far as to say that this first episode is the WORST of the series. But let’s say we were surprised.

With a universe as wide and flourishing as Game Of Thrones, it was normal that the first episode was going to be intense. But we had no idea that we were going to have to learn a hundred character names in less than 45 minutes… All this so that these same characters die in the first season.

  • buffy the vampire slayer

With 7 seasons and 144 episodes, it was normal that buffy the vampire slayer has one episode worse than the others. And for us, it is clearly the first. Because finding a vampire body in the high school locker room, it was far-fetched.

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Silvia, Lola, Pedro, Roberto, Ingrid… These characters are all introduced in the first episode ofOne, Dos, Tres but the latter is in reality only a succession of exams which only aims to present to us the different courses of the university. So yeah, that’s cool. But we don’t want to apply, so we don’t sell your school like that.

Those who have already seen the series Dark were well established. But all those who have ventured into 1899 without knowing what to expect must have been surprised. Already we understood nothing Dark, 1899 plunges us even more into the vagueness… To tell you, we didn’t even understand the first episode.

We will, no doubt, incur the wrath of more than one person, but the first episode of The Office really got us doubtful.

Here are the worst series debuts, the ones that could have destroyed everything