Here comes the Fantanaut n.3 ∂

The third issue of the magazine created by the Fantastic Authors Cooperative.

The third issue of the magazine is available The Fantanautcreated by the Fantastic Authors Cooperative.

In this release, among many others, a story by our collaborator Juri Villani.

Prr present the magazine and the issue we leave you to the words of the editor Paul Motta.

Presentation of “The Fantanaut” No. 3

by Paolo Motta

Originally, we at the Fantastic Authors Cooperative, a group of writers and artists who trained on Facebook, created some eBooks dedicated to different genres of the fantastic, including Howard’s Heroes with tributes to the father of the sword and sorceryand two paper anthologies dedicated to the shared universe of FuturEvo, also S&S but declined in the future. Soon after, however, we decided to take a gamble.

For a couple of years, in fact, we have been working on a literary magazine in digital format, The Fantanaut. It is quite a challenge, as the public, at the moment, seems to like more “Bible format” novels, such as Dunes by Frank Herbert o Game of thrones by George Martin, which does not contain magazines with short stories. However, we are reckless and we wanted to give it a try anyway.

The first and second issues, released in 2021 six months apart from each other, hosted stories that ranged across various genres and sub-genres of the fantastic, also boasting illustrious contributions: for example Fabrizio Borgio for horror, Mauro Longo for apocalyptic science fiction and Alessandro Forlani for dystopia, plus essays dedicated to the splatter saga of Friday the 13th and the TV show Xena Warrior Princess. Also, in the appendix, there were parody comics Mikra the Warrior by Marcello Toninelli e Conan Duck, written by me for the drawings of Francesco Elisei. Both were parodies of the fantasy genre.

In the third issue, released very late due to the pandemic, you will find many new features: the first part of a gothic tale by Susanna Angelino and Dario Villani, with a vampire wandering around a London cemetery; a steampunk adventure, by Marco Bertoli, which winks at both War of the Worlds that a John Carter of Mars; a High Fantasy by Juri Villani that pays homage to the classic The Ourobonos Serpent by Eric Rucker Eddison; sabove all, there will be a story by the late Carmine “Gattonero” Cassese, a writer who knew how to mix science fiction and everyday life. Ironically the theme of the story that he had sent us, Subsidy requestit was just death and immortality.

The magazine is completed by an article by Elena Romanello on samurai women in manga, the usual parody Conan Duck and, surprisingly, a short horror comic set in the world of heavy metal. The texts of the latter were written by Enrico Teodorani, creator of the cult characters of the gunslinger Djustine and the monster hunter Calaverawhile the drawings come from the pencil of Bruno Farinelli, already our collaborator for FuturEvo.

If we have intrigued you, I hope you will download our magazine from this link Fantanaut #3 ( at a cost of only 3.14 euros.

Enjoy the reading!

Here comes the Fantanaut n.3 ∂