Here is a list of the best horror movies of all time

The horror genre has drastically changed over the years and style a list of the best horror movies of all time it’s difficult since you have to consider multiple generations of “thrill” lovers. Despite this, however, we have succeeded by including recent films and older films that represent the history of horror cinema. Here you go an absolutely subjective top 10 of unmissable films.

Here is a list of the best horror movies of all time – the top 10

In tenth place on the list is “Run away – Get Out“. A film worthy of note because in addition to being a horror film it is also a genre film. The protagonist is a black boy who leaves for a weekend with his (white) girlfriend to meet his parents. Everything seems apparently quiet, but the story begins to take a disturbing turn. “Escape Get-Out” won the Academy Award in 2018 for best original screenplay.

The ninth place in this ranking is occupied by “Hereditary – The roots of evil“. Film based on the theme of demonic sects that is literally scary. The film speaks of an evil rooted in one’s being, in one’s roots (just as the film suggests) which is difficult to eradicate and which is handed down among the various generations.

Eighth position for “Halloween” (the franchise). The first film is from 1978 and is considered one of the best horror films of all time as it introduced the frightening character of Michael Myers, a ruthless killer who spares no one. If the first films, including “Halloween – The night of the witches” could occupy the top 3 of this ranking, the entire franchise does not arrive in fifth place as the producers have put financial interests before making as many as 13 films ruining the authenticity of Myers.

Do not open that door” takes seventh place. It is a film that terrified generations of fans and introduced Leatherface, a serial killer armed with a chainsaw and with a mask made of human skin. The film is very anxiety-provoking and features many Jumpscare

Sixth place for “Aliens“, Ridley Scott’s masterpiece. A 1979 film that many have tried to reproduce, obtaining success only thanks to the name. “Alien” is inimitable. The film should have been science fiction given the themes, but the aura of mystery and the creatures that steal the show from humans have given it pride of place in horror cinema.

Top 5 best horror movies of all time

This part of the chart opens with “Rosemary’s Baby – Red Ribbon in New York“. Considered one of the best films of all time, for many it is also the best horror film of all time. Directed by Roman Polansky, the story is about the pregnancy (sometimes mysterious but not unexpected) of the protagonist. The film, Initially bleak, it begins to turn macabre as the minutes go by.Polansky’s film is also a critique of the subjugation of women to men in US society in the 1950s and 60s.

In fourth place is “the Ring“. The film is an adaptation of the Japanese film “Ring”. “The Ring” occupies such a high position in the rating as it literally terrified both the adult and young generations who were first approached by horror. “The Ring” can be considered the quintessential horror film of the Millenials. The plot is particular and is extremely original and accurate, nothing copied but completely new. The story tells the story of a journalist grappling with mysterious deaths linked to a killer videotape.

Third place for “Psycho“. Absolute masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock considered a horror genius. “Psycho” is the first modern horror film despite being dated 1960. For the first time the protagonist, in a negative sense, is human madness and no longer monsters or vampires With “Psycho” audiences have begun to understand that the true faces of horror cinema and the people to worry about are the living, not the undead or ghosts – seemingly “normal” people.The story revolves around the Bates Motel, run by Norman Bates.

In second place, however, there is what for many is the scariest horror film of all time: “The exorcist“. Released in 1973, it was one of the first films to speak and explicitly show a little girl possessed by the devil. During the screening in cinemas, people felt sick when watching certain scenes and it was necessary to call more than one ambulance to rescue terrified spectators.

The first place in the ranking belongs to a masterpiece of the horror genre: “Shining“. The film dates back to 1980 and is directed by Stanley Kubrick. The protagonist is Jack Nicholson, flanked by Shelley Duvall. There is no shortage of scary scenes, but what makes this film truly a masterpiece of the horror genre are the perfect shots and the anguish that is the protagonist in every scene. As in “Psycho”, in the film “The Shining” there are no monsters, but only human madness which this time does not affect strangers as in “Psycho”, but one’s own family. ” The Shining” is proof that no one can be trusted and it’s always best to watch your back; by anyone.

Here is a list of the best horror movies of all time