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Arkane Studios’ co-op vampire shooter, Redfall, will feature a variety of bloodsucking vampires, from sneaky fisherman to observant watcher.

A brand new trailer for Redfall shines a light on the various bloodsuckers players will slay in Arkane Studios’ co-op vampire shooter. The multiplayer first-person shooter will take players to the quiet seaside town of Redfall, which has sadly been taken over and transformed by a massive coffin crawler cabal. Redfall’s delay to 2023 has unfortunately pushed back the citywide vampire hunt, but a brand new trailer recently unveiled several new enemies that will stalk the city streets once the game finally arrives.

While Redfall is quite different from older Arkane Studios titles like Dishonored or Prey, the vampire shooter nonetheless promises to deliver a robust and immersive experience. The game was designed from the ground up for cooperative play, with four different heroes and their unique skill paths creating a wide range of viable playstyles. Redfall itself is also said to be quite expansive, with atmosphere and environmental storytelling making exploration as engaging as in previous Arkane games. Although Redfall is a cooperative vampire shooter, the stealth systems and RPG mechanics promise to make undead adventure truly robust.

A new Redfall trailer released by Bethesda Softworks reveals several new vampires that players will take down as they reclaim the peaceful seaside town. The fisherman seems like a particularly deceptive creature, while the creepy watcher is even more grotesque. The Watcher seems to specifically highlight the stealth element of Redfall, with players presumably able to sneak past these gruesome characters if they avoid their eye beams. A brief portion of the trailer also sees a player ambushed in the dark by another aggressive bloodsucker, suggesting that the co-op shooter will dive into the realm of survival horror at times.

Redfall will give players plenty of vampires to bet

Last year, Doom developer id Software was reported to be helping Redfall, which should help blend Arkane’s immersive RPG gameplay with intense first-person shooter action. Previous Arkane games like Dishonored and Prey have excelled in creating unique worlds and deep environmental interactions, but shooting enemies with big guns has always been secondary. Fortunately, id Software is well equipped to create a fast-paced shooter with an impressive variety of enemies, as evidenced by 2020’s Doom Eternal.

Vampires are one of pop culture’s most iconic monsters, but Redfall promises to put a new spin on the brutal bloodsucking hordes. Enemies in the game seem to be incredibly aggressive, due to their bloodthirsty nature, and special enemies like Angler and Watcher will hopefully add a lot of variety to every fight. Fighting through the streets with a friend will undoubtedly make the game less scary, but special vampire units can still make Redfall a tense and even scary experience.

Source: Bethesda Software/YouTube

Horrific Redfall Trailer Teases A Variety Of Vile Vampires | Pretty Reel