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How to dress up for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, and with it also comes the opportunity to dress up. There are thousands of possibilities for this side of the cycle, from classic characters like vampires, witches, ghosts to horror movie characters or something more daring, like a figure with a spooky twist.

Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Horror movies: Give a heartbreaking touch to your costume as The human creature, Jigsaw or Freddy Krueger.
  • Cartoon Characters: Dress up in a timeless costume likeCasper, foxes and cats, or Mickey Mouseafter all, this is the time when a fox can be friends with death.
  • Cyclops: Recreates a famous fantasy character like the wicked witch from harry potter movie or a cyclops.
  • Anything that you come up with: Don’t stop when it comes to dressing up you could be a Dragon Slayer or a FarmerYour imagination is the limit.

Halloween Costume Accessories

  • Makeups: The makeup is very important to give life to the costumes, for a vampire costume, the makeup should be deep red, adding some details in black and white.
  • Hat: The hats add a magical touch to the costume, choose one suitable for the character you represent, this is the best way to highlight your costume!
  • Clothes: Obviously a good costume needs a good outfit, choose gothic pants, skirts or shirts for your costume
  • Horror Accessories: Give the final touch to your costume with some special effects like masks, wigs and masksto create the perfect atmosphere in your costume.

Choose the costume of your choice and make this party memorable. Have fun and wait for the fearless tricks and treats!

How to dress for Halloween?

The most advisable thing is to opt for a completely black look, or combined, for example, with a red garment. You can create a perfect witch or vampire image with the clothes you have in your closet, such as an elegant long or short black dress, or skinny pants with a sexy shirt. You can also wear jewelry and accessories like bat pendants, witch hats, or candles, or make up with black eyeshadow for an even scarier touch.

What color clothes to wear on Halloween?

Let’s start with the easiest option of all, betting on the infallible total black look, which in addition to making you look sophisticated and stylizing the silhouette, is the darkest and most appropriate color for this special night. Another option is to choose gothic-style garments combined with alochares, Scottish fabrics, fantasies in black, white, purple and navy blue with a vintage touch. If you are looking for something more fun, you can opt for a look of characters from your favorite stories, classics like those of “Friday the 13th”, “Pinocchio”, “Little Red Hood” or some superhero. And if you take a little more risk and want a more colorful look, the options are endless, one of them is to use bright colors like: orange, yellow, red, etc. Or you can do a witchy look with dark clothes and then add some bright details to them. And you can also use pieces with fun themes such as movie characters, children’s stories, pumpkins, mummies, etc. Whatever your choice, feel free to have fun and show your craziest side. Make Halloween a unique night!

How can I dress up if I don’t have a costume?

Here are some very simple ideas to dress up with the clothes you already have, either alone or as a couple. Witch costume with a long skirt and velvet, Pumpkin costume with an orange total look, Ghost costume with a white jumper, Addams Family costume, Cruella de Vil costume with a black dress and leather, Tree costume with a green T-shirt, Cat costume with a striped T-shirt and a tail with a garter, Pirate costume with a canvas hat.

What to wear for Halloween if I don’t have a costume?

Whether you buy it or make it at home, you can opt for some of these ideas: from wearing something subtle, like a bat hair tie, for example, to simply putting on a mask or eye mask. You can, for example, buy a mask and wear your clothes as usual (like in the photo above). You can also put together your own costume with clothes you already have in your wardrobe. You can wear white, black or orange garments, common colors of the occasion. You will find an app to dress up as a vampire, witch, pumpkin, zombie, ghost, among others.

How to dress on Halloween – Relax Type ▷➡️