How to Unlock Avatar?

In vampire survivors, you have the possibility to unlock different characters, normal ones, like secrets. In total, there are more than 30 heroes that you can embody. In this guide, we explain how to recover Avatarmaster of the flames and the underworld.

Avatar Infernas Features

Avatar Infernas is one of the many heroes secrets available in Vampire Survivors. If it is difficult to acquire, the game is worth the candle: it is without a doubt one of the most powerful characters Game !

He starts each part with Flames of Misspell. This allows him to launch a burst of flames in the direction of your current movement, or the last movement made. Combined with Torrona’s Boxit evolves into Ashes of Muspell and becomes even more fearsome.

Furthermore, Avatar Infernas automatically has Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire, which gives you a definite advantage. With it, all projectiles from the Fire Wand, Hellfire, Tri-Bracelet, Phiera Der Tuphello, and Valkyrie Turner create an explosion on impact. In addition, the light sources also explode. The player himself becomes a source of explosions, when he suffers damage.

Unlock Avatar Infernas

Coffin - Vampire Survivors

Unlike other survivors, such as Random, Avatar is particularly complex to unlock. In fact, it even requires you to completely complete Vampire Survivors. For this you will already need take down The Directorthe boss that appears in the Eudaimonia Machine cardto retrieve Gracia’s Mirror.

Next, you will need to start a game in Inverted Inlaid Library, a mode unlocked by acquiring Gracia’s Mirror. You must then obtain both weapons peachone and Ebony Wings. We advise you to play with Exdash Where Toastysince they start with either of the two necessary weapons.

Notes to play on the piano to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors

Head to the East for kill the Trickster guarding a piano. Once you’ve downed the guardian, you can interact with the instrument. In doing so, you will start a mini-game (which requires Peachone and Ebony Wings). The two birds will show you the sequence of notes you need to play ; just follow their directions. As soon as you complete this step, the environment darkens.

You are teleported to a new room, in which you will have to inspect the nine coffins one by one. Beware, the room is guarded by rather tough giant heads if you are unprepared. Opening the last one will bring up Avatar. All you have to do is eliminate it to unlock it. When you have completed this long quest, return to the main menu to obtain Avatar in exchange for 2131 gold coins.

If you want to quickly collect this hero, you can enter the cheat code kalvasflam, in the Secrets menu. To learn more about this subject, find all the information on our guide dedicated to the Forbiddens Scrolls of Morbane.

That’s it for this guide. Enjoy your new infernal hero! If you want to expand your character collection, you can refer to our quick guide or you go to all heroes page.

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