How Vampire Academy Fundamentally Changes Christian And His Story

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Vampire Academy Season 1.

Brought to the screen in Peacock by Julie I’m leaving and Marguerite MacIntyre, vampire academy follows Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer) and Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir (Daniela Nieves) as their world is completely shaken when they are in a car accident that kills everyone except Lissa, who then uses her special and rare spirit magic to bring Rose back to life. As Lissa tries to control her magic and Rose begins to finalize her Guardian training, their worldview and friendship are repeatedly tested.

While bringing the Peacock books to life, there were quite a few changes, even changing some characters like Tatiana (Anita Joy Uwajeh) entirely, one character seemed to be quite consistent with their version of the books: Christian Ozera (Andre Dae Kim). At least, that was until the show revealed her parents were alive.

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The difference between Christian in the books and the show

In the books, Christian’s story begins much the same way. He is ostracized for his parents deliberately turning Strigoi, something considered evil and shameful, when he was a child. Their plan was to become Christian once he was old enough, but Christian’s aunt Tasha – who we haven’t met on the show yet – worked to protect him, and his parents were killed in the process. process. It left her scarred, literally and metaphorically, and sent this branch of the Ozera family down a different path. People constantly shun and taunt Christian, expecting him to make the same dirty choice as his parents. To some extent, Christian embraces this as a loner who can’t stand the politics and willful ignorance that come with being part of a royal family. But, as would be the case with anyone, he still struggles with it.

Throughout the books, we see how much of an impact her parents’ decision has on her (and Tasha’s) life. He is excluded from royal life despite being of royal blood, frowned upon as a suitor to Lissa despite fulfilling all the requirements to help her continue her line, and treated as a criminal in the worst times. His parents destroyed his life in so many ways by deciding to turn Strigoi, and Christian feels the brunt of their actions. People expect the worst from him, never giving Christian the chance to prove who he that is, even if he hadn’t done anything wrong himself, because they’re too hung up on his parents’ misguided actions. It’s part of what makes Christian’s romance with Lissa and eventual friendship with Rose so special, as they’re two of the only people who treat him with respect and empathy for what he’s lost and endured in his life. .

In the series, the initial story is relatively the same. His parents’ supposed death is a little different, but it leads Christian to the same place when we meet him in the vampire academy first in the series. However, everything is twisted by the revelation that his parents are actually alive, living their lives as powerful Strigoi tied to the growing violence and unexpected group efforts against the Moroi. Over the course of the season, Christian’s parents contact him several times, and it’s not until much later that he realizes they’re alive and try to get in touch. When he meets them, it doesn’t take long for him to find out that it was all just a front to unleash their attack on the city and wreak havoc on the Dominion, killing hundreds of people. We also find out that Christian’s parents work under Tatiana and are responsible for the accident that killed Lissa’s parents, kidnapping her brother André (Jason Diaz) for Tatiana in stride. So while we never meet Christian’s parents in the books and their Strigoi turn was what they thought was best for themselves and Christian, his parents in the Peacock adaptation are just freaks to cold blood.

How It Changes Christian’s Story Moving Forward

Revealing that Christian’s parents are alive, especially after all they’ve done being Strigoi, fundamentally changes Christian as a character and his entire story going forward. In the books, his parents’ actions leave him as an exception in society, but he never did anything personally to justify his treatment. Now Christian has become involved with his parents as Strigoi and inadvertently bonded over how they destroyed the city, so the treatment he receives from others won’t feel completely out of place like in the books. (Not that Christian deserves to be blamed for what his parents did, but it certainly changes things). discovering how to restore the wards using Lissa’s spirit magic.

While Christian had nothing to be ashamed of in the books, he does so now in the Peacock adaptation. This weight is going to rest on him for a while, as he fell into his parents’ towers. While it’s not necessarily deserved, no one will let him forget what he’s done for so long in the Dominion, further complicating his role as a member of a royal family and Lissa’s boyfriend. Also, Christian now has to live with the guilt of killing his father with his fire magic.

All in all, it’s a rather interesting decision to change Christian’s whole story when his original story plays so well into the show’s message. As we saw from Rose and Lissa throughout the first 10 episodes, Moroi society is a mess. The Royals treat the Dhampirs as less than people, throwing them into combat only to be slaughtered when unprepared for the danger they face. They want to force Dhampirs who have chosen not to be Guardians to fight, as their numbers are dwindling. Non-royals find themselves completely defenseless as the royal families rob their Guardians, while spreading the outdated message that the Moroi cannot use their magic offensively. In short, the royals believe they are better than everyone else, refusing to show sympathy for anyone who isn’t royal and perfect.

The treatment Christian receives – from the royal family in particular – is another important aspect of disparity in Moroi society to address. Why is he blamed for the actions of his parents? The stigma around Strigoi’s transformation is so strong, but nobody asks why anyone would make that choice. Of course, there are those who are just plain bad. But, as seen with Sonya (Jonetta Kaiser), some turn because they see no other way out of the pain and darkness that surrounds them. It’s an important aspect of things the show needs to address, but changing Christian’s history with his parents almost definitely guarantees that he won’t be the vehicle to do so. Hopefully at least his willingness to use his magic offensively will stay the same going forward.

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