If you avenge me: did you recognize all the references to these cult films in the Netflix film?

If you avenge me is on everyone’s lips. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s new teen movieA good person) delighted fans with its deceptively bubble gum atmosphere and five-star cast, so much so that it ranked number 1 among the most viewed feature films on the platform, only a week after its release on Friday September 16. In If you avenge me, we follow Eleanor and Drea, who embark on a fierce fight to make their exes pay for all the harm they have done to them. If we find Camila Mendes, the ambitious Veronica Lodge in Riverdale and Maya Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, who is part of the hit series Stranger Thingsthe platform’s subscribers have mainly retained the appearance of a 1990s icon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, the one and only Buffy Summers. But the presence of our favorite vampire slayer isn’t the only reference to the decade that saw the genre explode. teen movies. Have you spotted all the references to cult films from the 1990s in If you avenge me ? It’s time to brush up on your classics!

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If you avenge me (Netflix): The makeover scene is a classic!

Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, director of If you avenge me, was born in 1988. Suffice to say that the references of the 1990s, she knows them very well. If we had to choose just one scene that characterizes teen movies of that decade, it would be that of the makeover. clueless, She’s so great, jawbreaker… the radical transformation of one of the central characters, very often female, is a classic of the genre. And If you avenge me is no exception to the rule, with a make-over of the character of Eleanor against a backdrop of pop music. “What’s funny and great at the same time is that people find references that I hadn’t thought of myself“, had fun Jennifer Kaytin Robinson in the columns of Tudum, the site of Netflix.

If you avenge me (Netflix): looks inspired by the 1990s

True quintessence of the genre, it was normal that several references to clueless are scattered throughout the film, starting with the choice of costumes. We thus find the iconic plaid skirts worn by Cher Horowitz and her friends in the cult comedy, in pastel and cotton candy versions. Other outfits, like the ultra-colorful one Drea wears at her party at the very start of the film, are reminiscent of the looks of Romy and Michele in the eponymous cult comedy. Another big marker: the use of the main character’s voice-over. While this could easily be another reference to cluelessthe director this time wanted to pay tribute to The Upstartreleased in 1999. Indeed, the satirical comedy with Reese Witherspoon features four different narratives! Sex Intent, Heathers, Lolita Despite methe references are innumerable and could largely provide material for a series of If you avenge me

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If you avenge me: did you recognize all the references to these cult films in the Netflix film?