If You Like Love in the Villa, These 5 Netflix Movies Are For You

On September 1, a new romantic comedy landed on Netflix: the film Love in the Villa. In the casting, we find in particular Tom Hopper, well known to fans ofUmbrella Academy for her Luther character, as well as Kat Graham, aka Bonnie in Vampire Diaries. Together, they play the roles of Charlie and Julie, newly single, since her boyfriend has just left her. The latter then decides to go on vacation to Italy. But on arriving there, Julie comes across Charlie who has reserved the same villa as her. They’re going to have to live together, but that’s easier said than done. They will then do everything so that one or the other goes away… But love will quickly point the tip of his nose! Love in the Villa is therefore a film full of love and humor. And if you liked this comedy, as many viewers do, Netflix has more in the same style.

1. A Christmas from Heaven

If you like Kat Graham, the movie A Christmas from Heaven is still available on Netflix. In this comedy, she plays Katerina, a parliamentary assistant who is sent to the tropics to prepare for the closure of an air base that costs a little too much money. But she falls under the charm of the captain who proves to her that the air base should not close.

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2.Falling Inn Love

In this film in the same line as Love in the Villa, we find Christina Milian in the role of Gabriela. The latter becomes the owner of a house in ruins. She then decides to restore it and, for that, she must work with Jake (Adam Demos), the charming, but hateful, local entrepreneur. During the works, she will come across love letters from the former owner. All this will give birth to a new idyll between Gabriela and Jake.

3. A perfect match

To land a contract, Lola, a wine company executive from Los Angeles, infiltrates a sheep farm in Australia. It is then among the sheep that she meets a surly and mysterious local man. In the cast ofA perfect matchwe find Victoria Justice and Adam Demos, for an exotic love story in Australia.

4. Love and Gelato

If you love Italy, discover the romance without waiting Love and Gelato. The film follows the story of Lina, a young woman who goes to Rome for the holidays, in order to fulfill her mother’s last wish. During this stay, she discovers love and ice cream! And at the end of her vacation, she will have to make an important decision for her future.

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5. Tuscany

Let’s also stay in Italy with the film Tuscany, the story of a Danish chef who leaves for Tuscany after the death of his father. If at first he did not want to hear about it, he ended up confronting reality. And while he had come to Italy with the aim of selling his father’s property, a meeting will change the situation. Again, love will upset all the main character’s plans.

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If You Like Love in the Villa, These 5 Netflix Movies Are For You