Interview with Gianluca Leurini

Friday 28th October has finally landed in Italian cinemas Dampyrthe film that adapts the adventures of the character created by Mauro Boselli And Maurice Colombo and published for over twenty years since Sergio Bonelli Publisher.

First film made by Bonelli Entertainmentmultimedia arm of our publishing house, with Eagle Pictures And Brandon Box, Dampyr saw many professionals at work. We have therefore created a series of interviews to give you as complete an overview as possible of the great work behind such an important film production.

This time we interview Gianluca Leuriniexecutive producer who specializes in solving problems before colleagues even notice they are there, who previously worked on films such as “El Alamein – Line of Fire”, “Quantum of Solace”, “Diaz – Don’t Clean Up This Blood”, “Caos Calm” and “”Barney’s Version”.

The photos accompanying the article are by Gianfilippo De Rossi.

Dampyr was not only the first film by Bonelli Entertainment, but perhaps for the first time in Italy they tried to make a comic book like they do in the United States. As for your work, what was the particularity of the project?

The peculiarity lay in the comic that we went to represent: it wasn’t a story of cowboys or normal life, but there were vampires, soldiers… There was work to be done on technical material, even important, to ensure that the movie was good.

The film was shot in Eastern Europe, often at night, underground for a long time… How did you deal with all these difficulties?

I follow the organization of the film at 360 degrees, with the whole team I work with. So our job is to deal with whatever problem arises, because every project has its own difficulties. Difficulty is my job.

In any case, Dampyr was the third film I shot in those areas. I already knew many of the people who worked with us and I was the one who suggested going to Romania when we don’t have a suitable place in Serbia.

How is your work divided between the pre-production phase and the moment in which the film is actually shot?

I am responsible for cost management. This means that I take the screenplay, do an initial count and draw up a budget that I get approved by the producers. From there the preparation of the film starts: I set up the crew, we look for the locations and we do all the work that needs to be done.

Being responsible for the costs, I also have to manage those concerning post-production, therefore also editing and special effects. Each of these tasks has its own manager, who however works within the limits of the costs decided by me.

I take care of the “material” part of the work, and I’m at the service of the people who instead follow the artistic part.

Edited by Alberto Cassani

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Interview with Gianluca Leurini