‘Interview With the Vampire’ Episode 2: Behind the Scenes of Lestat and Louis Sucking That Dry Tenor

Interview with the Vampire Episode 2 “…After the Ghosts of Your Old Self” explores what a new romance between a vampire and her creator looks like. After turning Louis du Ponte de Lac (Jacob Anderson) into a vampire, his lover Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid) must show his new creation the ropes. There are a few hilarious scenes where Louis and Lestat go hunting and at least one where Louis loses control. However, the most lavish moment has to be when Louis and Lestat argue over the murder of a lamentable tenor (Kameron Lopreore), only to then share the singer’s blood in the most intimate way.

In Interview with the Vampire Episode 2, Louis recounts the ups and downs of his romance with Lestat to journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian). We repeatedly hear that Lestat “just had a way of him” that Louis couldn’t resist. That said, we are already seeing tensions bubbling between the lovers. Generally, they disagree on who to kill and how to kill. Lestat is upset that Louis, after years of chafing under the horrors of racism, is going after a white businessman. In Lestat’s eyes, killing such a visible member of the community will attract unwanted attention. However, Louis becomes even more troubled when he realizes how much Lestat enjoys prolonging the pain and suffering of his victims for fun. Louis is also shaken when he nearly eats his own infant nephew – something Lestat doesn’t seem to mind.

Things go awry when Lestat decides to woo Louis with an evening at the opera. However, things quickly turn dark when the tenor who sings the opera’s male lead is horribly out of his depths. Lestat is disgusted with the tenor and decides he must die. Louis finds himself surprised by his “nausea” in the face of this hunt. However at the end of the night, Lestat convinces Louis to feast on the tenor with him. It’s an argument that becomes intimate, but there’s still a darkness that lingers between them.

Louis and Lestat draining the tenor in Interview with the Vampire episode 2
Photo: AMC

Interview with the Vampire Star Sam Reid said he found the scene to be a “very Anne Rice scene” and praised showrunner Rollin Jones’ approach for the time being.

“What [Jones] managed to do is build in those contexts for both characters where Louis has such empathy for the victim and sees his humanity and sees him as a human being —”

“He can’t come off,” added Jacob Anderson.

“And he can’t come off,” Reid said. “Whereas Lestat comes from his own attachment to humanity which goes through performance, aesthetics, art and music. And so you both see their attachments to humanity in this scene.

“Then you also see the main friction between the two which is, ‘Yeah, it kinda sucks that we’re, you know, these evil monsters and that’s what we have to do, but just get over that and embrace you- same”, is what Lestat says. Like, ‘Just kiss him, come and have a good time with me’, not fully acknowledging what Louis needs.

Anderson said: “So Louis is like, ‘Why does this have to be a game? It’s horrible what we do, we do it because of our nature but you don’t have to have fun, should it be fun?

Close-up on Louis and Lestat draining the tenor in Interview with the Vampire episode 2
Photo: AMC

“Lestat says it’s not necessarily fun, but you might as well make the most of it,” Reid said. “You might as well make it the most epic and see death in all its glory and fill all those glorious powers that you have, rather than just quick killing on the street or whatever.”

This difference in ideology is what Anderson described as a “very early crack in their relationship.”

“Lestat basically told him, ‘That’s how you’re supposed to feel’ and Louis said, ‘Well, I don’t. I’m not excited. It’s deeply uncomfortable. Maybe that means I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not supposed to be a vampire,” Anderson said.

“He calls himself a ‘botched vampire’ and that’s how I think the start of Louis realizing he might not be the best suited to be a vampire.”

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