Interview with the Vampire (Interview with the Vampire) already has a critical rating

Interview with the Vampire (Interview with the Vampire) already has a critical rating

The Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice they represent a lot to fans who follow the vampire canon. The author took a big step with her proposal in Interview with the Vampire which became the first installment of a saga that still serves as a benchmark for new and young creators. The book had the perfect context to be a success and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to get their hands on it to work on an adaptation. Interview with the Vampire (61%) It is a film that divided critics and audiences a lot, and now a new attempt as a series hopes to meet those expectations that were previously impossible to exceed. Interview with the Vampire It has already received its first reviews and it seems that we are facing something quite promising.

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Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Kirsten Dunst Y christian slater they starred in the 1994 film and despite the complaints, many did want to see the sequels to further explore these characters and, of course, the complicated relationship between Lestat and Louis. In 2002 an adaptation of Queen of the Damned, but under a completely different arrangement that did not get the expected response. The readers of Anne Rice they knew that the saga had great potential for an adaptation, but the homoerotic tone and general rhythm of the story would not be easy to respect in the cinema.

When the series began to capture more viewers’ attention thanks to scripts and new investment from production companies, fans asked for a show based on the books, as it has enough material to last several seasons. The process was not easy and it took a long time also because the author herself was not happy with the old adaptations. When it was finally announced that AMC would try to do the play justice, everyone was on the lookout for any news, but the cast’s resolve once again showed the racist and terrible side of some.

Out of many candidates, Jacob Anderson he stuck with the role of Louis, and while most welcomed him with excitement, some began to complain that he wasn’t white enough to play the vampire. The actor is best known for giving life to Gray Worm in Game of Thrones (100%) and his fans saw in this adaptation a great opportunity to show his talent, a feeling that prevailed and greatly exceeded the negative comments of some. The production continued to take shape with sam reid like Lestat and Bailey Bass like Claudia, and the first trailer generated great expectations.

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The Serie Interview with the Vampire (88%) (Interview with the Vampire) will premiere on October 2 and will have 8 episodes. On this occasion, her own Anne Ricewho passed away in 2021, was an active part of the plans for the adaptation and oversaw many of the changes we will see in the series. Christopher Rice, son of the writer, is also a producer and will help finish the vision of his mother, who for years declared that only a quality television series could do her work justice. To complete the team, Rolin Jones better known for Weeds Y Boardwalk Empireremained as showrunner and allan taylorwho recently launched The Many Saints of Newark (80%)agreed to direct the first episodes and continue his work as a producer.

Something that Jones confirmed from the beginning, and that was appreciated by the fans, is that the relationship between Lestat and Louis will be explored as it happens in the novels, since in the 1994 film all the elements about the romance between the protagonists were eliminated. A fresh look at the issue of racism will also be sought, since Louis will have a story quite different from that of the books. If all goes well, we could be facing a new vampiric proposal that lasts several years, which in turn could cause a new wave of popularity for these dark beings that so enchant the public. Although the premiere is still a bit away, the first reactions have been very positive, but some do highlight the need to go beyond the attraction between the main vampires.

Below, the most outstanding reviews about Interview with the Vampire (88%):

Nicole Drum of

Between great visual detail and some truly outstanding performances, the series offers a unique interpretation of the larger themes of Rice’s stories, and while not everything goes smoothly in the first few episodes, there is room for growth.

Carly Lane of Collider:

The road to a new adaptation has been winding, but AMC’s exuberant and gripping series proves that Rice’s vamps are in the right hands.

Judy Berman of TIME Magazine:

It puts a compelling spin on a familiar world, seizes the opportunity to improve an inferior adaptation, and has a real sense of fun, something that used to be inherent to the genre before it started winning Emmys and Oscars.

Fred Topel of UPI:

Interview with the Vampire has an ambitious stance between faithful adaptation and expansion of the original material. It’s still early days, but so far, the episodes manage to create a satisfying portrayal of the material while suggesting provocative new threads.

Allison Picurro of TV Guide:

The series successfully breathes new life into an old story, elegantly stepping out of the film’s shadow and showing a willingness to push itself further in ways that many adaptations are often too beholden to the original text to do so. Interview with the Vampire is exactly what it needs to be, in all its gory, goofy, gay glory.

Erin Brady of indiewire:

While there’s quite a bit of great stuff in the series, it ultimately doesn’t amount to anything deeper. It’s a hollow retelling that tries to modernize the core concept of it to reflect our current society, only to have it feel regressive at times. Fans of “The Vampire Chronicles” will be entertained, but anyone unfamiliar with the source material probably won’t find a reason to keep watching it.

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Interview with the Vampire (Interview with the Vampire) already has a critical rating