Interview with the Vampire shows its first image, but we don’t know anything about the series yet

Finally, we have the first image of Sam Reid’s Lestat in the upcoming series. Interview with the Vampire. We can see the face of the character half covered, for now, with the upper part covered. Promotion production based on the classic Anne Rice story begins and it does so with one of its central characters. It is also the one that has generated the most curiosity and debate on social networks so far. A decision which clearly indicates that the series, an adaptation in eight episodes of the book of the same name, will pay particular attention to the figure of the famous vampire. And also, that it’s very likely that its TV version will have a much bigger place than it had in the 1994 film adaptation.

AMC has been particularly discreet about one of the most anticipated productions of the year. No specific premiere date yet, Interview with the Vampire was announced for the fall. It will also include some major changes from the original storyline. This includes the period in which the story takes place, the past of Louis Pointe Du Lac (Jacob Anderson) and even that of Lestat. This possibility has aroused perplexity, mistrust, but also the interest of the supporters. Especially because the late Anne Rice was actively involved in the plot. The result on the screen will therefore be linked to the premise explored by the author.

For now, AMC is running a promotional campaign based on the plot. A few months ago, a trailer of a few seconds showed the coffins of Lestat and Louis side by side. This seems to indicate that the sexual tension between the two characters will be more evident and perhaps less suggested than in the book. The second trailer, which arrived a few weeks later, showed some footage of New Orleans amid shadows and a grim look. But so far, the channel has avoided showing its characters’ faces, characterizations, or, for that matter, the general look they’ll have on the show.

In darkness dwell monsters, a new twist for the series

The AMC series Interview with the Vampire has the complicated task of to tell the same story of a cult film. The 1994 film version of Rice’s book, directed by Neil Jordan and starring Tom Cruise, was an instant hit. So much so that it is considered one of the iconic productions of the vampire genre. After the failed sequel queen of the damned by Michael Rymer, rumors of possible adaptations of Rice’s works have been shelved.

No sooner had the new millennium arrived than rumors swirled about a new film version. Or, anyway, a new exploration of the writer’s book collection. The “Vampire Chronicles” span 23 books and are resounding bestsellers. But filming either story became a battle of wills between Rice and potential producers. After Warner lost the rights to the entire work, the HULU streaming platform acquired them. The intention was to create a series that could encompass multiple characters and settings. But after creative clashes between the producers and the writing staff, the subscription service dropped the option.

Eventually, AMC bought the rights and this time at least one of the productions seems to be coming to fruition. The series Interview with the Vampire began filming in December 2021. And immediately the first information on the subject baffled fans. Louis would be played by actor Jacob Anderson, which would completely change the perception of the literary character. It also appeared that the story would be set in the present day and offer a new take on the original plot.

Faceless for Interview with the Vampire

So far, AMC avoided showing its central characters. And this formula seems to be the one she will adopt for the rest of the promotion. In Lestat’s new image, he can be seen in ancient attire and hiding behind an ornate metal door. For now, only the lower part of his face is visible, and we see that the color of his skin and his lips are completely normal. Is there a specific reason to hide the eyes of the characters? For now, the series is keeping the general appearance of its vampires under wraps, one of the most debated points by fans and the specialized press.

In 1994, the appearance of Lestat, Brad Pitt’s Louis and Kirsten Dunst’s Claudia aroused curiosity and then praise from critics. The figures had pale skin and eyes of a singular color. The save allowed the characters to retain a human appearance with a supernatural twist. AMC has yet to show what its decision on this will be, which could suggest it will be completely different from the 90s classic.

Besides Anderson and Reed, the cast includes Bailey Bass as Claudia, Kalyne Coleman as Grace of Pointe du Lac, Assad Zaman as Rashid, Christopher Stack as Tom Anderson. There will also be a version of the supporting characters known to the public: Eric Bogosian will play journalist Daniel Molloy, again the focal point of the series. What can we expect from the production? As one of its first official images, the most important details remain in shadow.

Interview with the Vampire shows its first image, but we don’t know anything about the series yet