It’s a pleasure

The debate, almost closed, has been relaunched since March. To the question: who best embodies Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, in the cinema, a majority of opinions stood out in favor of Christian Bale, hero of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

But Matt Reeves has (perhaps) reshuffled the cards with his version of the superhero without superpowers played by Robert Pattinson. Who succeeds Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Ben Affleck and Christian Bale in feature films.

A dark, inhabited, traumatized version of the DC character

Since his revelation in vampire films for teens, the actor has proven himself in more independent, more serious, deeper productions.

In The Batman (2022), the director avoided the trap of messing with Pattinson’s plastic. He delivers a dark, inhabited, traumatized version of the DC character.

Here, there is no place for the socialite, seductive, woman-killing, muscular-chic billionaire Bruce Wayne.

What about the Joker?

In its civilian version, only the destroyed and vengeful orphan appears. And when he puts on his masked avenger clothes, he is dark, obscure, disturbing, dark, impenetrable, tortured.

Reeves’ film being the first of a trilogy, to see if, over time, Pattinson goes the distance. The Dark Knights will also be jostling on the big screens, because Michael Keaton, in The Flash (2023) and Batgirl (2024), and Ben Affleck will reappear in the role of the bat man.

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In the meantime, who is your favorite Joker?? Heath Ledger, in Nolan, collects all the votes. But Joaquin Phoenix hit it big in Todd Philipps’ Oscar-winning 2019 film of the same name.

The bar is high for Barry Keoghan, who will be opposed to Pattinson in the Reeves films.

Fascinating, in any case, to see that the directors manage, each time, to offer such a different version of the comic book hero.

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Laetitia Christian

On Canal+. The Batman, by Matt Reeves (2022). With Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz.

It’s a pleasure – And you, what is your favorite Batman?