James Wan wants to make remakes of ‘Supermarket Horror’ and ‘Dimension of Terror’

James Wan producer with Jason Blum of M3GANhorror that recently debuted in Italian cinemas, in an interview with /Movie said he wanted to make a couple of 80s horror films: Chopping Mall released in Italy as Horror supermarket and Night of the Creeps aka Dimension Terrorthe latter among the personal cult of the undersigned.

Wan cited Jim Wynorski’s 1986 killer robot slasher horror and Fred Dekker’s alien invasion horror comedy as two classics he’d like to revisit in his own way.

I have a lot of horror movies that I think are just funny and that I love, and I’m pretty sure the horror community shares them with me. I love movies like ‘Supermarket Horror’ I love ‘Dimension Terror’. These, to me, are just sort of fun horror movies that I wish I could dive into one day, or make them again, but with the way I make my movies.”

“Supermarket Horror” focuses on three high-tech security robots who go haywire and begin killing employees and a group of teenagers inside a shopping mall after dark. The film is directed by veteran Jim Wynorski, a director active since the eighties and a specialist in horror parodies and more. Wynorski’s credits include over 100 feature films in film and television, among them 976 call for the devil 2, The return of the swamp monster, Blood cruise and several made-for-tv movies such as Bone Eater – The bone eater, dinocroc vs. Supergator, Piranhaconda to the very recent ones Attack of the 50 Foot CamGirl and Giantess Battle Attack. In the cast of “Supermarket Horror” Kelli Maroney, Tony O’Dell, John Terlesky, Russell Todd, Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov and Barbara Crampton.

Among the curiosities related to the making of “Supermarket Horror”: as Bruce Campbell in The Army of DarknessJohn Terlesky’s Mike utters the famous three words of Ultimatum to the Earth (1951): “Klaatu Barada Nikto”; there are at least two different versions of the film, the tv edit contains some extra footage, as a small homage to The Onslaught of the Giant Crabs (1957); the film was originally released under the title killbotsbut a negative reception from the public prompted the distributor Concorde Pictures to rework the film with different cuts and to release it with a new title: “Chopping Mall”.

“Dimension of Terror” saw the directorial debut of screenwriter Fred Dekker, who will then also write and direct School of monsters and Robocop 3. The film starring Jason Lively, Jill Whitlow and Tom Atkins is a tribute to science fiction B-movies that mixes alien invasion and zombies, with slasher elements. Regarding the shooting, Dekker initially wanted to shoot the film in black and white, but then he had to settle for the incipit, he wrote the screenplay in a week and for most of the main characters he chose the names of popular genre film directors (Romero, Carpenter, Raimi, Landis, Hooper, Cronenberg, Cameron, Steve Miner, Wes Craven, Mario Bava).

James Wan wants to make remakes of ‘Supermarket Horror’ and ‘Dimension of Terror’