Jenna Ortega changes her hairstyle: crazy fans for the new look of the star on Wednesday [FOTO]

Thanks to the huge success of the series Wednesdaythe protagonist Jenna Ortega she has quickly become one of the most talked about and requested actresses of the moment. The new face of the young Addams has in fact achieved unexpected popularity on social media, thanks to the glacial interpretation of the famous character and her ballet which has now become viral on all platforms, so much so that it has also attracted the attention of stars such as Lady Gaga, who recently shared his own version with fans. If you missed it, you can retrieve it HERE.

However, after becoming an icon for the public of Netflix sporting the characteristic braids of Wednesday Addams, the actress has decided to “give it a rest”, changing her hairstyle and sharing two photos of her new look on her personal Instagram page. But don’t worry, strictly goth outfits and bangs remain in place.

Obviously, in a very short time, the fans of the actress made the shots viral, bringing them to 115k likes in the space of two days. And judging by her comments, everyone seems to approve of her new look. What do you think about it?


The Netflix series, we remember, follows the story of the teenager Wednesday Addams, the eldest daughter of the famous family created by Charles Addams in 1939 and first appeared in cartoons in The New Yorker.

After being expelled from yet another school, the young woman is sent to Nevermore Academy, the same institute attended by her parents and built to house students defined as “outcasts”, or boys frowned upon by “normals” because they have supernatural powers of all kinds .

Among werewolves, vampires, mermaids, gorgons, shapeshifters and other creatures of various kinds, Wednesday begins her school experience, making friends with her roommate Enid, whose colorful look and positive and cheerful character are the exact opposite of the protagonist, allergic to colors and sociability. While the young girl tries to make her way through the various courses of the academy and to master her new psychic powers, a series of mysterious murders begins to occur in the surrounding woods. And it seems that Wednesday is somehow linked to them.

In the cast we also find Gwendoline Christie (Principal Larissa Weems), Jamie McShane (Sheriff Galpin), Percy Hynes White (Xavier Thorpe) Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin) Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay), Naomi J Ogawa (Yoko Tanaka) Moosa Mostafa (Eugene Ottinger) Georgie Farmer (Ajax Petropolus), Riki Lindhome (Dr. Valerie Kinbott) e Christina Ricci (Marilyn Thornhill). To interpret the other iconic members of the Addams family are instead Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams) Luis Guzman (Gomez Addams) e Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley Addams).


Jenna Ortega changes her hairstyle: crazy fans for the new look of the star on Wednesday [FOTO]