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Star actress Jenna Ortega has publicly explained why she chose to change Wednesday’s dialogue that would have changed Addams’ character.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega revealed that she had to change some of her character’s dialogue. Wednesday, the recent reboot of The Addams Family, sets itself apart by focusing on Wednesday’s journey as a student at Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts. As Wednesday learns about werewolves, vampires, gorgons and other supernatural creatures, she is also forced to solve a murder mystery while dealing with the reality of life in a very unusual boarding school. Wednesday, who struggles with social relationships, must learn to care about others, despite half the school plotting against her along the way.

With Wednesday being left to school dances and typical high school drama, there are occasional times when she has to comment on the reality of the situation. While that often meant insulting those around her, there are places where Ortega had to step in to correct the character before she got too far off. For Ortega and Christina Ricci, who both starred on Wednesday, the character’s challenge is balancing relatability. In a TikTok Q&A that Ortega ran, per, she detailed one line in particular that she pushed producers to change. Check out his quote below:

I remember there’s a line where I talk about a dress, and initially it was supposed to say, “Oh my god, I’m freaking out about a dress, I literally hate myself.” And I was blown away because it looked like — it was just a bunch of little things like that. I felt like we could avoid a lot of dialogue in an effort to make her seem human.

Why Wednesday Addams is relatable

Although Wednesday acts unlike most teenagers, her attitude is still something that can make young viewers relate to her. Wednesday has many varied skills – lots of things Ortega had to learn for Wednesday – including playing the cello, speaking German, fencing, archery and dancing. While they may seem very random, each gives a new opportunity for those with similar skills to reconsider their own similarities to Wednesday. The fact that she has such a wide range of interests also makes her feel like a more fully realized person, rather than a two-dimensional goth teenager who would otherwise be limited.

His inability to even relate to other outcasts is something a lot of people can relate to as well. Considering how many people struggled with socializing in high school, Wednesday’s standing out as an outcast makes her remarkably understandable to anyone who watches her. Even Ortega’s Wednesday dance shows his personality, as it proves just how little Wednesday cares about the expectations of those around him. She is fully content to be herself, even when the whole world wishes to change her, and that can be incredibly fulfilling.

What’s next for Wednesday Addams

While Netflix can be stingy on TV show renewals at times, another season is on the way – although the official announcement is yet to come. Wednesday’s showrunners have three to four seasons planned, which means they won’t even need to change the continuity to pull off Wednesday’s season 2. The showrunners also discussed the potential fallout surrounding the entire Addams Family, and Wednesday would have a spot there. everything. With the huge success of Wednesday, the universe of Tim Burton’s Addams Family is set to expand enormously, which means Wednesday Addams will be on screens for years to come.

Jenna Ortega explains why she changed some Wednesday dialogues | Pretty Reel