Love is in the meadow: Laurent calls for help heartbreaking “a new blow”!

On Wednesday August 17, a former candidate for Love is in the meadow resurfaced on the web. It is already assumed that by hearing his name, you will already have a small idea of ​​the person. In general, Laurent is a participant who is not forgotten! Yes, it was revealed during the 14th season of the program. What does this favorite of the show say?

Love is in the meadow: Laurent returns to the front of the stage after a long time!

Each year, Love is in the meadow brings us to meet new characters. It should be noted that this exclusivity of M6 brings together new candidates every year. This is to make their dream come true! What are we talking about ? It’s simple !

Karine Le Marchand and her team want at all costs to help these farmers find love. Moreover, we note that it works because several couples were brought together thanks to this adventure. Laurent and his current life partner are part of it!

In 2020, Laurent wanted to share his life with someone to be complete. Therefore, the idea came to him to register for Love is in the meadow. Thus, he was able to find his other half during this experience.

At the end of this 14ᵉ edition, the sheep breeder left with his darling Maud. Since that day they have spun great love and we are no longer to be seen on the screen. Strangely, this week marked the return of the farmer to the web. Why ? Scroll down for more explanation!

Laurent is facing difficulties in his life!

After 3 years without giving any news, Laurent from Love is in the meadow made an astonishing appearance. Where ? On his Instagram account! It should be noted that the latter wanted to call for help from his subscribers. What would be the reasons?

Does his relationship with Maud know any twists and turns? Apparently, the problem does not come from his couple, according to the latter! He and his wife have been overwhelmed with happiness since they met.

The emergency reported by Laurent to the public concerns his exploitation. Indeed, it refers to his work! According to this candidate of Love is in the meadow, he is now crippled with debts. To survive confinement, he and his wife had to make certain loans.

This is intended to keep their business running during the crisis! According to the terms of the loan agreement, they should repay the 30,000 euros before the end of this year. Unfortunately, their financial means do not allow them to do so! Hence their distress call!

Love is in the meadow: Laurent knows he can count on the support of his subscribers!

Why is Laurent looking for comfort on the Web ? This last knows very well that he can count on his subscribers to overcome this situation. In the past, Internet users have already mobilized to help him. When ? This dates well before his participation in Love is in the meadow!

At that time, Laurent from L’amour was in the meadow also had serious financial problems. We note that he even almost committed suicide for this! Fortunately, the arrival of Maud in his life changed his vision of things. Here it is now courageous to face everything with her!

Love is in the meadow: Laurent calls for help heartbreaking “a new blow”!