MassivelyOP 2022 Awards: Not So Massive Game of the Year

Welcome to the official Massively Overpowered Year End Rewards!

Today’s price is for the Not So Massively Game of the Yearwhich was awarded to Valheim Last year. Games eligible for this category are online games that are not generally considered traditional MMORPGs; these are MOBAs, online dungeon crawlers, ARPGs, online shooters, survival sandboxes, battle royale titles, and other games that step into MMO territory but don’t are not quite there. Once again, we’ve chosen to include titles that launched before this year, as long as they accomplished something truly noteworthy in that calendar year. Don’t forget to vote yourself in the poll just for readers’ pleasure at the very end!

And MassivelyOP staff chooses for the Not so massive game of 2022 is…


Andrew Ross: Rise of the Monster Hunter, Splatoon 3. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak really changed things. It felt like the players were getting better, the theme was well executed in both monsters and interactions, and the solo content gives more value to your soloists. On the other hand (and I hope it’s not too early to tell), I feel Splaton 3 gives players this Monitor 2 was largely meant to grant: better balance, a persistent PvE party experience, and tons of style. Except Splash 3 also gives more customization, not just in appearance, but also in stats, and although both had connection issues, Splat 3 are nothing compared to the first days of launch of OW2. I can barely log in OW2 before immediately feeling like my time is better spent in Splash 3. Additionally, it offers a free card game with no microtransactions and free “battle passes” every few months. Damn hot!

Andy McAdams: V rising.

Brianna Royce: V rising. There were several good picks for new NSM games this year; they are not always my cup of tea. V rising tipped the scales for me by being the MMOsiest of the new ones on offer.

Carlos Lacsina: Monitor 2.

Chris Neel: Multiverse. I don’t really have a personal horse in this race, but I have to say that watching my husband play this game showed a platformer brawler with both an honest love for its characters and some pretty fun gameplay mechanics. I hope this one will continue to grow.

Colin Henry: Multiverse. I’m a huge fan of platform fighters, but it’s always been a relatively small, niche subgenre that’s been pretty much dominated by Super Smash Bros. I was thrilled to see a big company like Warner Bros throw its hat in the ring with an offering that has fresh ideas and solid online technology behind it, and I was even more excited to see it pick up an audience of decent size. Sure, that following has dwindled a bit since launch, and I’m still not a huge fan of monetization, but it’s still the not-so-massive game I’ve had the most fun with this year by far.

Eliot Lefebvre: V rising. I haven’t played that category much this year, but I’m still going to vote for one that’s actually MMO-adjacent over another mascot fighter. Not that the mascot fighter didn’t do well for himself or anything. Sorry, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royalei guess you really just fail.

Justin Olivetti: marvel snap came out of nowhere and absolutely crushed it. I shouldn’t have been surprised, since it’s run by ex-Foyer lead Ben Brode!

MJ Guthrie: V rising. Last year it was the vikings, this year it’s the vampires. V rising is the game that I personally found to be a welcome addition to the gaming world. However, I also heard some pretty positive things about Multiverse friends playing.

Sam Kash: Multiverse.

Tyler Edwards: Eternal card game. I will vote for Eternal card game, which is not new this year, but I discovered it this year. It has an impressive amount of features and content that frankly puts many of its competitors to shame.

V rising and Multiverse tied for our Not-So-Massively Multiplayer Game of the Year award. What is your choice ?

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MassivelyOP 2022 Awards: Not So Massive Game of the Year