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In the past, participating in activities such as role playing games could carry a strong social stigma, from being labeled a “teto”, to being accused of being part of a satanic cult. These signs were part of the youth of many people, although times change, especially for lovers of role-playing games (RPG’sfor its acronym in English), because thanks to popular culture, this pastime is at the top, in addition to the fact that there are great benefits of role playing to you mental health.

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In these, you can live adventures unique, and experiences where your only limit is your mindAlthough we must specify that getting involved in this hobby does not imply dimly lit basements with people in costumes and thick-rimmed glasses. In fact, you may be surprised to know that there are many celebrities who participate in these types of activities, such as Dylan Sprouse, Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Daredevil) either John Manganiello (spider-man, magic mike), Who’s playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Wizards of the Coast

What are RPGs?

Before delving into the benefits of role playing gameswe must make it very clear that they really are and separate the truth from the myth.

The RPG It is a form of game where each participant takes the role of a character, usually created by him or her, and must describe the actions verbally, in addition to determining their actions, based on the characteristics and personality of the characters.

The outcome is determined randomly, usually by means of dicesHowever, players are free to improvise to shape and direct the game itself.

In almost all role-playing games there is a narrator, usually called gamemaster either Dungeon Masterwho will be designated to describe the scenes and situations that determine the story to which the players are exposed, in addition to defining the consequences of the actions of each of the characters, in an impartial manner.

Benefits of role-playing games for mental health
Dice used in role-playing games, such as ‘Dungeons and Dragons’

benefits of role playing games

The role playing games not only represent hours of fun, because by stimulating the imagination of the players with concepts such as action-reaction, bring with them many mental health benefitsthe self esteemand the daily lifenot only for boys who are in the student stage, but also for people who are shy or with social anxiety, according to several studies that have been carried out, such as the one published by the Northern Illinois University.

The creativity It is the basis of everything role playing gamestarting with the simple fact of creating a world where all things happen. adventuresand it is that the RPG they have the quality of transcending the typical interactions of the rest of the games, especially since they allow you to shape the history according to your decisions.

Elevate social skills

The role playing games have as a pillar the social interactionwhich concentrates it in a comfortable and easy-to-develop environment, which in many ways allows shy people to cope more easily with the idea of ​​playing a character, which in the long run will make it much easier to encourage conversation with other people in the real life.

Encourages teamwork and cooperation

In the role playing games the concepts of “a winner” or “a loser” do not apply, on the contrary, it is a totally cooperative that leaves aside the competition, where each character He complements the results of each adventure with his different skills, just like in working life, where each person brings a different talent to the team.

teaches us to solve problems

Whether it’s solving puzzles, trying to find a hidden exit, or outsmarting a group of armed orcs, playing role playing games involves putting all efforts into solving problems in order to advance the historywhere you must put your creativity to the maximum to get ahead.

Also, this trains your brain by critical thinkingwhich is a real life skill that will serve you well at whatever stage you are at.

Although learning the basic mechanics of role-playing games is quite simple, there are many books Y supplements to understand and master your preferred roleplaying game to a great extent, which translate into reading interesting thing that passes like water, while you get to know your new hobby more thoroughly.

What role-playing games exist?

When we talk about RPG’swe usually think of Dungeons & Dragons (Dungeons and Dragons in Latin America, Dungeons and Dragons in Spain, also known as D&D), and with good reason it is the most popular game in this genre, since it is not only the system that started it all, it is also one of the best-selling games in history, gaining a new fame thanks to series like stranger things either The Big Bang Theory.

for something is the match most popular of this genre, since its set of rules is easy to understand, but precise, as well as fun, but if fantasy is not your thing, there are many options to enjoy an afternoon of role-playing games, just search in Google “(your personal interest) rpg” and you will surely find something for yourself, no matter what it is, there are vampire RPGs, werewolves, Star WarsLovecraft, power Rangersthe Ninja Turtles, anime or whatever occurs to you.

Not only this, in addition to the benefits than role playing bring your smental avalanchethese are also fun, they de-stress and disconnect you for a moment, as well as help you on your journey of personal growthespecially if you suffer from shyness.

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Mental health benefits of role-playing games, according to science