Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Malzeno Armor and Equipment ‘Vampire Knight’ Detailed Design

In a new official Capcom interview, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Assistant lead character artists Kensuke Sakata and Shio Hashimoto discussed the design of Malzeno’s armor, weapons, and gear. In short, the goal was a heroic ‘vampire knight’ motif, with an effort to ensure that flagship monster items resembled ‘Western armor’. The two also explained which “parts” of Malzeno would be used to craft different items.

Hashimoto Reviewed Sunburn Detail of Malzeno’s armor in its entirety, explaining how the goal was to add a kind of vampiric cape with bright colors and noble clothing. The artist also noted that red and white were used to make it look more heroic.

Here is Hashimoto’s full quote regarding the “vampire knight” design.

For the Malzeno series, we based the design on Western armor patterns, to create a contrast with the Japanese designs of Rise of the Monster Hunterthen we added a “vampiric” element to it, to represent the monster.
To accomplish this, we’ve added a high-necked cloak, using a red membrane, to a set of Malzeno Silver White Shell Armor. We also looked at tailcoats and jabots (the frilly things) around the neck of aristocratic clothing, to represent Malzeno’s noble appearance.

We then added red between the different parts of the carapace and made the decorations on the hands and feet the same shape as the monster to make sure it didn’t just look like plain old western armor.

It’s basically a sort of “Vampire Knight” pattern, but since it’s the flagship monster’s gear, we’ve used heroic colors like white and red, and tried to keep the ” evil” and “night”.

When it comes to Malzeno gear, Sakata elaborated on the weapon designs and the parts used to craft them. Each of them was supposed to have a vampire element as well, with Sakata referring to “weapons that shoot energy from frozen crystals”. They also used three-pronged protrusions to further attach them to the monster. As for the materials, the claws played a big role. Sakata noted, “They are made up of Malzeno’s claws, which are his primary weapon, and the three spikes at the end of his tail. Early in the design, some of the artists wanted to include a red membrane as well, but we ended up not using that idea, to bring out the red color of the frozen crystals more.

The interview also involved a look at concept art for the Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun Malzeno’s armor, weapons, and gear.

Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun is available for Nintendo Switch and PC. Rise of the Monster Hunter will debut on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5 on January 20, 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Malzeno Armor and Equipment ‘Vampire Knight’ Detailed Design