Morbius: Do you remember I was supposed to be in Blade alongside Wesley Snipes?

Before Morbius got his own movie, he almost made it to the movies before Spider-Man thanks to Sword.

The Living Vampire’s film debut Morbius could have been much more successful than Jared Leto’s film, as our review of Morbius. he actually has missed appearing in one of Marvel’s first good superhero movies, Sword by Stephen Norrington with Wesley Snipes as the vampire hunter. The information does not date from yesterday, but the moment is ideal to remind us of this missed appointment at a time when Morbius it’s in theaters and it’s making our eyes bleed.

Yes Sword I got to play katana in three movies, none of which unfortunately featured Morbius. An idea that, however, had been raised and filmed since the first film. for a final scene announcing a sequel. But the whims of Hollywood changed the plans.

To recontextualize the ending of the film, Blade faces off against Deacon Frost, who has become a super-powered vampire in a bloody duel like the MCU would no longer allow. Frost then dies violently in a CGI that has taken on a slightly old-fashioned look. Once outside the temple, Blade tells Karen Jenson that his war is not over. A final scene shows Daywalker in Moscow, eliminating a vampire about to attack a young woman, and ends the film.

However, the scene outside the temple was going to be longer. After Blade announced that his fight against the vampires was continuing, Jenson pointed to something in the background. In the distance, on the roof of a building, a man in black, a leather coat and hair blowing in the wind, observes, it’s morbid. This teaser worthy of a post-credits scene ended the movie, announcing a sequel with Living Vampire.

More charisma than in Morbius

The ambition of this announced sequel will disappear with Stephen Norrington when he refuses to do Sheet IIexplained screenwriter David S. Goyer on DVD commentary Sword. A missed opportunity let’s say, but in 1998 X Men by Bryan Singer is yet to be published, Spiderman Neither is Sam Raimi and the MCU obviously still very far away. Sword therefore opens the modern era of superheroes in the cinemaeclipsing the failures of recent years (we forget Dolph Lundgren in Punisher, David Hasselhoff in Nick Fury and howard the duck produced by George Lucas). So at that moment, the studios strategy did not go to the planned sequelsannouncing a sequel was often like throwing a stone in the water.

With the departure of the director, it will be Guillermo Del Toro who will take over, contributing his ideas and desires for Sheet II. Thus, Morbius, planned as the film’s antagonist by Norrington, it will be archived. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what the director of the first play planned as no script has been written. Also, in the deleted scene of Swordthe character that Jared Leto would later play had not even benefited from a casting. It was Norrington himself who had disguised himself as a vampire..

Sheet: photo, Wesley Snipes

Atmosphere year 90 maximum level

However, we can assume that Morbius is more of an anti-hero than a pure villain in the comics, the setting of Sheet II could have seen the two characters team up against a greater threat. Unless Morbius, like Blade in his movies, went through the rewrite box to become an enemy or ally, very different from the source material.

If we can be surprised by the choice to integrate Morbius in Sword in 1998, the Living Vampire enjoyed in the 90s of little popularity thanks to his appearances in the animated series Spider-Man The Animated Series. Little known today, so the existence of a film about him remains a mystery. Morbius would probably have had a different aura in popular culture. if Stephen Norrington had done his Sheet II.

Morbius: ImageAtmosphere of 2020, maximum level of digital mush

To close the chapter of the first abortive appearances, in Sheet: the series (yes, there was a series about the character in 2007, for one season) one episode made mention of werewolves and the specialist who hunts them, Marc Spector also known as Knight of the Moon. Like Morbius, the character was set to make his screen debut thanks to Vampire Hunter.

The magic of the MCU should allow us to attend this meeting since Blade returns incarnated by Mahershala Ali, while moon knight arrives March 30, 2022 on Disney+, starring Oscar Isaac. With three Blade performers now, let’s hope Marvel won’t be tempted to put them together thanks to the multiverse.

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