Names of characters from Tim Burton films

Do you lack inspiration to find the first name of your future child? Why not pick from those characters from the movies you love? Names the director Tim Burton who has a gold mine to his credit: masterpieces that feature strong characters.

Why choose the first name of a character from Tim Burton’s films?

If you are a big fan of the films of Tim Burton, then you’re in luck! Why not leave you with one of the first names of its emblematic characters? At least there is something for everyone! ofEdward Scissorhandsat The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack Passing by Batman, magicmaman lists you a top 40 first names of its characters. Your child may be the future Bruce Wayne (Batman) or the new Alice in Wonderland… Who knows?

The names of the cult female characters of Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s films have left their mark on everyone who has watched them. But what is a film worth without its emblematic characters? We think, for example, of Julia Hoffman, played by Helena Bonham Carter, in the film Dark Shadows who embodies a psychiatrist in the Collins family, or even at Olive Abroholos Elephanta young girl who practices levitation in the film Miss Peregrine and Peculiar Children, played by lauren McCrostie. Here are other female characters to discover, whose first names might give you ideas:

Victoriain Dark Shadows, is the young governess of the Collins family. She looks exactly like the late wife of Barnabas, an 18th century businessman turned into a vampire against his will and buried for 200 years, which troubles him.

Juliain Dark Shadows, is the Collins family’s eccentric psychiatrist. She lives with them, to care for David, the youngest boy in the family, who sees ghosts.

Carolynin Dark Shadows, is a typical teenager. She doesn’t like anyone and spends her time listening to music and reading magazines. She looks normal but appearances are often deceiving.

Emilyin funeral rites, is a pretty rich woman, returned from the dead to marry her former fiancé.

Alicein Alice in Wonderland, is a seven-year-old British girl who finds herself thrown into Wonderland, falling down the White Rabbit’s hole.

Margaretin Alice in Wonderland, is Alice’s sister who only wants her happiness.

Lydiain Beetlejuice, is a goth teen who sympathizes with the ghosts that haunt her family’s home, the Deetz.

Kimin Edward Scissorhands, is the eldest daughter of Peg Poggs, the mother, and the sister of Kevin, the little brother of the Poggs family.

Joycein Edward Scissorhands, is Peg’s friend, she tries at all costs to seduce Edward.

Sallyin The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack, is a rag doll invented by the scientist Finkelstein, who wants to escape his sadness. She then meets Jack, who will change her life.

Marthain Batman is the mother of Batman, aka Bruce Wayne.

Vickyin Batman is a journalist trying to unmask Batman.

Katrinain Sleepy Hollow, is a young woman who belongs to Sleepy Hollow’s oldest family, the Van Tassels. She is interested in witchcraft and helps with her powers Ichabod, a detective, in his investigation.

Elsain Frankenweenie, is a class friend of Victor. She has a dark and melancholy temper and lives next door with her tyrannical uncle, Mayor Burgemeister.

Violetin Charlie and the chocolate factory, is one of the winners of the golden ticket to visit the chocolate factory. She is competitive and always chews gum.

Susanin Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is the aunt of Jacob Portman and the daughter of Abraham Portman, wizards.

janein big eyes is the granddaughter of Margaret Keane, a painter. They both leave the house, driven out by Walter, Margaret’s husband.

Colettein Dumbo, is an aerial acrobat, who performs in the Dreamland circus with Vandevere and the flying elephant Dumbo.

Milly, in Dumbo, is a science-loving little girl who grew up in Dreamland Cove. However, she has no interest in it. She only likes Dumbo, the new elephant.

Josephinein bigfish, is the wife of William Bloom, the main character.

The names of the cult male characters of Tim Burton

Tim Burton has a knack for creating funny, complex and deep characters. Some male roles that have marked the spirits remain anchored in our cinematographic culture. We can cite, for example, the unbeatable bruce wayne from Batman, Willy, of Charlie and the chocolate factory or to Ed Bloom in Big Fish. Let’s discover other symbolic characters together!

Mikein Charlie from the Chocolate Factory, spends his time playing video games, he is very aggressive.

charliein Charlie from the Chocolate Factory, won a golden ticket to visit the chocolate factory. He comes from a poor family… but his visit to the chocolate factory will change his life.

augustusin Charlie from the Chocolate Factory, also won! And that’s good, he loves chocolate.

Edwardin Edward Scissorhands, was created from scratch by its inventor. But this one dies before completing his work and therefore leaves Edward with scissors with sharp blades as a hand.

Jimin Edward Scissorhands, is Kim Poggs’ boyfriend that Edward is in love with.

Kevinin Edward Scissorhands, is the youngest of the Poggs family.

francisin Pee-Wee Big Adventure, is a selfish and spoiled boy. One day, he asks to buy a bike from Pee-Wee, but Pee-Wee refuses. He then decides to pay someone to steal his bicycle.

brucein batman is the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. And that’s Batman, Gotham City’s superhero.

Joein Batman, is the assassin of Bruce Wayne’s parents, responsible for the creation of Batman.

Jack, in The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a doll who has discovered Christmas Town and wants to bring this holiday to Halloween Town.

Victorin funeral rites, is Emily’s lover whom she was supposed to marry, before dying from poisoning.

Richie, in Mars Attacks!, is a young teenager who has found with his grandmother, Florence, how to get rid of the Martians invading the earth.

Billyin Mars Attacks!, is the older brother of Richie Norris.

Orsonin Ed Wood, is an actor and director that Ed Wood adores a lot. He will encourage her to continue making films.

Ottoin Beetlejuice, is an interior decorator, called in by Lydia to rid the Deetz of the Maitlands. However, he only wants to accept her request on the condition that she marry him.

Abrahamin Miss Peregrine and Peculiar Children, is the grandfather of Jacob Portman. He has the power to see the Sepulchres (monsters).

Amosin bigfish, of his nickname “Monsieur Loyal”, is the director of a circus who hides his true identity, that of a werewolf.

Bob, in Frankenweenie, is a classmate of Victor, a little boy who lost his dog and recreated it. He is quite gullible and easily influenced.

Anthony, in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, is a young London sailor from the ship “Bountiful”, who rescued main character Sweeny Todd from the waves of the Pacific Ocean. They become friends during the film.

Names of characters from Tim Burton films