Netflix: Find out which movies you absolutely must watch on the streaming platform this fall 2022!

Netflix is ​​the ideal platform for lovers of the 7th art. It always offers you more emotions and stories to make you dream.

Do you like love stories that form where no one expected them? This time, come and discover even more creativity through the works of today’s great producers. On the program: humor, romance and comedy streaming on Netflix.

Love in the villa: Netflix’s flagship film

Love in the villa is the eldest of a long series of films based on the romantic relationships experienced by two people, in an unlikely situation. Already, the cast is very well thought out, because the work brings together professionals whose reputation is already established. A minimum condition to be met, given the notoriety of Netflix itself.

As main characters, you can find Tom Hopper and Kat Graham. Tom Hopper, the male character of the film Love in the villa, was recently seen in the TV series Umbrella Academy. This time, he plays the role of former astronaut Luther Hargreeves. A character who turned into a gorilla shortly after a serious accident. But he has also participated in many no less important films and series, such as Game of Thrones or Terminator: Dark Fate.

Kat Graham, meanwhile, plays Julie, Charlie’s future girlfriend in the film Love in the villa. Note that the actress was also one of the main characters of the legendary series Vampire Diaries, where she played the role of Bonnie. She is also a multi-talented artist. Apart from her skills as an actress, she is also a songwriter. She has also made several appearances as a dancer with the big names in urban music.

Getting back to the movie Love in the villa, a Netflix exclusive, the story takes place in Italy where two people want to spend a few days on vacation. But by a particular combination of circumstances, the two find themselves booking the same villa. Adventures ensue so that one of them leaves. But love always finds an opportunity to embellish people’s daily lives. The film has been available for streaming on Netflix since September 1.

Again and again in the romantic films category

Netflix has not finished surprising its subscribers with the release of other films of the same genre. Still with Kat Graham, watch A Christmas that fell from the sky. A romantic comedy where the interpreter of Bonnie embodies the role of a parliamentary assistant whose mission is to close an air base in the tropics. But the diplomatic mission will take on a whole new meaning, because the assistant will fall under the spell of the base captain.

In the movie Falling Inn Love, it’s a completely different actress of world renown who will be in the spotlight. This is Christina Milian, who will interpret the character of Gabriella. The latter invested in the purchase of a dilapidated property, to say the least. She decides to get help from a local contractor to carry out the necessary renovation work.

In the middle of the project, the two will discover the secrets that hide in the residence, but also their love for each other. Adam Demos, aka Jake the entrepreneur in the film, will adopt a behavior that is both hateful and adorable. Which will melt Gabriella’s heart.

Netflix hasn’t finished surprising lovers of romance movies. A perfect match, a film starring Victoria Justice and Adam Demos is already available for streaming. The work tells the story of an executive in the field of viticulture. Victoria Justice, aka Lola, is in charge of collecting information on a farm in Australia. Against all odds, she lives a whole different story, as she suddenly falls in love with the local farmer.

Netflix offers you several trips to Italy

Italy perfectly embodies the country of love and romance. And the producers didn’t hesitate to play with this fact. The film Love and Gelato, still a Netflix exclusive, chronicles the adventures of a girl in Rome, where she must fulfill her mother’s last wishes. The rest of her adventure is filled with beautiful moments, but also with a life decision that she must make.

The other story that takes place in the Garden of Europe concerns a Danish chef. The film is titled Tuscany and tells how the character will cope with the death of his father. At the beginning, he had decided to complete the business by selling the family patrimony. But the realities in the city of Tuscany will quickly make him change his mind. Obviously, this movie is only to be watched on Netflix.

Netflix: Find out which movies you absolutely must watch on the streaming platform this fall 2022!