Netflix’s 15 Best Anime Villains Of All Time (Sponsored Content By Kevin Bruce)

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Every good anime needs a villain. The villains seem to be the most famous of the anime series, they portray the central thematic significance of any film due to their conceptual hostility towards the protagonist.

An interesting thing about anime is that they have unique characters with a central focus on the story.

If you look at Japanese anime characters, they act like a charm to their viewers due to their themes, concepts, cultural nuances, etc. They are therapeutic, which makes a huge difference to Western comic characters.


You can get a taste of these anime on most streaming apps. Netflix is ​​an application with some of the best anime series that you will enjoy. If anyone is interested in how to get japanese netflixwe went ahead to compile all the factors and bring out the most eye-catching anime villains of all time on Netflix.

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Dio lives to see others suffer terribly. He is the best villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, one of the best villains the anime has ever produced. The one who pours salt in the wound of anyone who crosses his path. You can’t help turning on your love to hate it.

2. Vicious

Vicious is the leader of Red Dragon Crime, the main antagonist of the Cowboy Bebop animated series. His main job is to kill anyone who opposes him. He is also a renowned drug dealer. Although responsible for many deaths on the show, he was later killed by Spike Spiegel.

3. Meruem

Meruem is the largest offspring of Chimera Ant Queen with extraordinary intelligence. He is very cruel and inconsiderate and can annihilate anyone who disagrees with him. He managed to win Komugi a human woman who made him change his outlook. From there, he began to question the difference between humanity and ants.

4. Yohan Liebert

Yohan is described as an entity of pure evil. He is the main antagonist of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster–Monster series. Yohan is a brutal and deranged serial killer.

Unlike other villains who have superpowers, Johan uses his incredible genius intellect to create chaos. He even states that his goal is to be the only last living thing when everyone else dies.

5. Muzan

Muzan is the main antagonist of Manga, the Demon Slayers. He can change his appearance, one of the reasons he manages to hide from Demon Slayers, especially the strongest Hashira. His strength was seen when they fought with Kokushibo. He considers all individuals to be trash, no wonder he even drove his two wives to suicide.

6. The Major

The Major is well known for his cruel kidnapping of passengers from missing Flight 828. She must conduct torturous psychological experiments to try to understand the supernatural phenomenon. She is a completely war-obsessed person, as seen when she secretly formed an army of Nazi vampires.

7. Frieza

Frieza can breathe without atmospheric air, as such he can live comfortably in space. This ability causes him to ruthlessly attack planets using Death Ball. His strengths can be seen when he destroyed Planet Namek effortlessly.

8. Yagami Light

Yagami is a villain with pure evil in the Death Note series. He swears to rot all those who make the world. He is willing to sacrifice his mind and soul to make this happen, with the use of the Death Note he retrieved from Earth.

9. Aizen

Aizen is a recognized villain as he is the main antagonist in most series. He is a very cunning man, a characteristic that may have emanated from his public betrayal of Soul Society. Aizen has hypnotic abilities that make him create complex illusions and manage to trick his opponents.

10. Don Quixote Doflamingo

The captain of Donquixote Pirates, the main antagonist of the One Piece animated franchise. The villain possesses unique prowess and is well-versed in psychological warfare. After eating the Devil Fruit, Doflamingo was able to use ropes to pierce, cut, or bind his opponents.

11. Askeladd

Askeladd is a central antagonist who has committed many evil acts in Vinland Saga. He killed Thorfinn’s father and then spent 19 years with a deep hatred for Vikings and Danes.

12. Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato is a unique villain who never used his original body. He did the Six Paths of Pian after being paralyzed during a fight with Hanzo.

He did this by controlling six corpses to carry out his will. The fact that he was a student of Jiraiya made him learn a lot. He was keen on using his ideas and didn’t like anyone who criticized them.

13. Shogo Makishima

Shogo is an inexplicable criminal that is difficult for anyone to detect. A humanist who enjoys barbarism, cruelty, and anything considered evil in human nature. A unique character is his ability to persuade people and the fact that many lost their lives at his hands.

14. Envy

Envy is an executioner, he likes to cause chaos and his main desire is to inflict pain and make humans suffer terribly. He is guilty of mass murder, destruction and genocide.

This ability comes from the power to change shape to spy on others. Funny enough, he acts friendly, you can take him for granted which is a cover up.


Griffith can sacrifice his army in the name of divine powers. He kills Guts and takes over the human world. Additionally, he is a ruthless terrorist and kidnapper who was also accused of serial rape towards Casca. Her charisma and good looks have given her and her army a reputation for invulnerability.

Netflix’s 15 Best Anime Villains Of All Time (Sponsored Content By Kevin Bruce)