New Vampire Survivors DLC Looks Worth Its Entry Fee

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Xbox Game Pass players have really enjoyed Vampire Survivors thus far, especially since the game made its way to console platforms after a brief stint as a PC exclusive. So Poncle’s addictive bullet hell shooter is actually in for a good time, and its new DLC seems to be impressing gamers as well.

Some first impressions of the ridiculously cheap plugin (it’s literally $2) are starting to make their way around the web, from critics and fans alike. Here are some of those early opinions:

“The variety of new monsters, which includes the strange Mikoshi-nyudo, Raiju, and Kamaitachi, to name a few, is also new. Some of the boss fights, which I won’t spoil here, are gigantic, bizarre, and brand new. for Vampire Survivors. The sprites for the new characters are sharp, and their weapon mechanics are always fun, probably the best part of Survivors, after all.”

“Even at its most repetitive, the inherent appeal of clearing screens full of enemies in increasingly grandiose ways remains. All of that said, this kind of paid DLC feels like a temporary patch on a game whose depths are finally beginning to be felt in a big way. plumbed, at least for this reviewer.

For now, however, Legacy of the Moonspell provides a good and cheap excuse to revisit Vampire survivors. That’s true no matter how much time you’ve spent playing this incredibly addictive game.”

Over on the game’s Reddit page, fans have also been posting some of their first impressions. The recurring theme is that, at $2, this is a great addition for anyone already exploring what Vampire Survivors has to offer.

DLC completed: 10/10 would buy again. from Vampire Survivors

dlc is a W in my opinion by VampireSurvivors

I’m really enjoying the new VampireSurvivors map

As we already mentioned, Vampire Survivors is included free with Xbox Game Pass, while the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC is already available as a $1.99 add-on (you even save a little more as a Game Pass member!). If you haven’t tried the main game yet, here are our extremely positive thoughts:

Will you be picking up this new Vampire Survivors DLC? Let us know below!

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New Vampire Survivors DLC Looks Worth Its Entry Fee