News DC USA #129

Happy New Year! In the DC newsroom, we don’t rest for a week. As always, here you have the hottest DC news.

Blue Beetle Graduation Day #2 follows its course, drawn by the Asturian artist Adrian Gutierrez. Featuring guest appearances from a new villain, Ted Kord and Starfire.

DC:Mech it comes to an end at #6. Thanks Rao.

The Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives #1 is the new spin-off of the Sandman Universe. Retakes the great characters created by Neil Gaiman Y Matt Wagner in The Sandman #25 (on a personal note, this was the first story I read from gaiman).

Action Comics #1050

It’s here. The last issue of an era. With Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Tom Taylor and Joshua Williamson.

Lex Luthor gets Manchester Black in trouble.

Perry White also has problems.

It all ties back to Lexie Luthor’s latest Machiavellian plan.

Luthor’s plot closes in a bad way. All very rushed.

Now we go with the absurd explanations. It turns out that Luthor’s plan has made everyone forget that Clark Kent is Superman. All the world? No! Those who benefit from the power of the script continue to remember who Superman is.

And what about the images and videos showing Clark turning into Superman? Let’s listen to Batman: “The suggestion is so strong that it extends to any image or medium that people see. If they contradict what their mind tells them, they will reject it.

WTF. Mephisto 2.0?

DC vs. Vampires #12

The tremendous conclusion of this unclassifiable miniseries inspired by Dracula 2000.

As expected, the meeting between the former lovers takes place: Dick Grayson, king of the vampires, and Barbara Gordon, leader of the resistance.

But Barbara can’t drive the stake through Dick’s heart. So…

Babs is the new queen of vampires.

But, in a final twist worthy of the Cullens, poisons Dick with Harley’s blood and ends the war. Does anyone doubt that there will be a sequel?

Detective Comics #1067

Continues the best current Batman series, courtesy of Ram V and Ivan Reis.

The Orghams prepare for their final attack.

Tales From Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Lee #1

Panini isn’t the only company celebrating Stan Lee’s centennial.

In the late nineties, Stan Lee collaborated with DC on the line Just Imagine. A line that answered a very simple question: What would DC superheroes have been like if Stan had created them?

The initiative spawned oddities like Batman/Wayne Williams from read Y joe kubert

…now recovered in this special.

A special that begins precisely with a Wayne Williams story written by michael uslan and drawn by the always amazing Lee Weeks.

Mark Waid is in charge (how could it be otherwise) of a Sandel/Superman story drawn by kevin maguire. Stephanie Williams write and Belen Ortega draws the story of María Mendoza/Wonder Woman.

Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad deal with the tale of the Flash who has acquired his powers from a hummingbird (Stan Lee he was not at his best when he came up with this).

Kenny Porter and Karl Mostert face Green Lantern and Nekron. The Shazam of Earth-6 is quite dark, a kind of Hulk designed by Gary Frank

…and this is how they show us Collin Kelly and Juan Ferrerya.

Zack Thompson and Hayden Sherman take care of the half-dolphin Aquaman, while meghan fitzmartin He does the same with Catwoman.

And now we go with the rarity of rarities.

Sandman reimagined by Stan Lee. WTF. Steve Orlando and Max Dunbar they do not get all the juice possible from this pyrotechnic concept.

To end this lysergic journey, jerry ordway assemble the Justice League of Earth-6.

The Riddler: Year One #2

Paul Dano and Stevan Subic continue to expand the world of film Matt Reeves.

Edward continues to investigate corruption at his company. It seems that Robert Pattinson is not the only detective in Gotham.

This, of course, will get Edward into quite a bit of trouble and make him take steps that will turn him into the psychopath we saw in batman.

Great job of psychological construction by Paul Dano, who continues to reveal himself as a very competent screenwriter. Surely soon we will see him at the Oscars, nominated for his role in The Fabelmansthe last film of Steven Spielberg.

Wonder Woman Story: The Amazons #3

With permission from the title that is below, the series that has given DC the most joy during 2022.

Nicola Scott joins Kelly Sue DeConnick to chronicle the inevitable war between the Amazons and the gods.

Beyond a simplistic war of the sexes, Kelly Sue ends a Greek tragedy in which each side has irreparable losses.

An essential series that immediately goes to the Olympus (joke) of DC history and comics.

The Nice House of the Lake #12

The conclusion of DC’s most successful series in 2022 has finally arrived. The work that has consecrated James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez Bueno.

In previous deliveries We have reviewed all twelve issues of the series. Give them a review before reading this.

Walter’s plans are finally revealed…and you will never be the same.

The cover of the week is…The Nice House of the Lake #12

The question of the week is…

How about the conclusion of Nice House of the Lake?

And next week in DC USA News…

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News DC USA #129