Nit de les Ànimes: Lanterns to illuminate souls

The Nit de les Ànimes year after year is gaining more strength in the municipalities of the Part Forana who bet on bubotes, mopis, bruixes Joanes or characters that tell the legends of each town as na Llarga Potó, sa Beata Aucellera, Madò Tronca, Madò Garrot or Madò Branca instead of by the monsters, vampires or zombies more typical of Halloween.

In fact, Halloween and the Nit de les Ànimes are not so distant traditions But the objective of the municipalities that are committed to recovering the rituals that surround the Tots Sants festivity is not to stop the celebration of Halloween, much less, it is to provide children with references to Majorcan culture. Precisely, the Fundació Mallorca Literària has been promoting this celebration for seven years, which came to light thanks to the digitization of Rafel Ginard’s collection that in his manuscript notebooks of the Calendari folklòric de Mallorca he cited the concept of the Nit de les Ànimes. Thus, the institution invites you to celebrate this festivity under the motto: To Majorca Nit de les Ànimes. Turn on the light, and out for! For this reason, there are many municipalities that yesterday organized various workshops so that the youngest members of the household could make their fanalet with melon or pumpkin as a base and later, once night had fallen on a walk through the streets of their municipalities, illuminate the souls.

Maria Estelrich recounts the ‘rondalla’ of na Llarga Potó, sa Beata Aucellera and na Joaneta. uh

Na Llarga Potó

In Sant Joan this year the Comissió de les Ànimes has been formed to prepare a set of activities and “sow a seed that lasts over time” with the aim that the little ones can enjoy “a party with its own identity”. «For a festival to last, it must have its own identity and characters from its own town. That’s how it counts Mercè Serraone of the promoters, who proposed to Maria Estelrich write a rondalla about the Nit de les Ànimes. Using oral sources, he created the story of three bubotes santjoaneres: Na Llarga Potó, sa Beata Aucellera and na Joaneta. Serra brought them to life in the form of puppets. Last week they premiered their rondalla at the Casa Pare Ginard and presented the personals at the CEIP Son Juny while yesterday Maria Estelrich told it at the Pati de la Rectoria de Vilafranca. “The goal is to arouse the curiosity of the little ones and that through these characters the concept of the Nit de les Ànimes permeates,” acknowledges Estelrich.

In fact, after a morning of workshops, the Nit de les Ànimes proper began this afternoon in Sant Joan in Plaça Rei Joan Carles I with children’s entertainment and the occasional surprise that has given the occasional scare. With the light of the lanterns, the participants have started their walk towards Consolació, with a stop included in the Third Age to taste some delicious fritters. Once in the sanctuary, he has started the gymkhana of fear prepared for the occasion.

In Esporles, all the souls and spirits that were loose in the streets of the municipality have gathered in the Placeta des Jardinet to meet again Madò Tronca and his terrifying group formed by Madò Garrot and Madò Branca. In fieldshave also held a variety of workshops, in addition to their Process of Llumets. The most daring have entered the Casal de Can Pere Ignasi, converted into an authentic Purgatori.

Inca, Felanitx, ses Salines, Binissalem, Sineu or Llucmajor, among others, they are some of the municipalities that tonight have surrendered to the Nit de les Ànimes, a night in which the typical gastronomy of these dates has not been lacking with fritters as protagonists.

Nit de les Ànimes: Lanterns to illuminate souls