One Piece 1072, full official spoilers and full summary: the weight of memories and too great a power

After leaks and unconfirmed rumors, the first official spoilers of chapter 1072 finally arrive one piece (or at least assumed to be such, given the usually reliable sources). We have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of 2023, after chapter 1071 surprised us again with the great return of Garp and the reappearance of the supernova Eustass Kid.

In the last few days some first advances have arrived from the leakers on what this chapter will be able to arouse, but as usual the thing that fans are waiting for the most is the real information, the juiciest contents of the incoming chapter and the characters who will be part of it.

Without further ado, therefore, let’s go see the first official spoilers of chapter 1072 of One Piece, released only in these moments online.

Chapter 1072 spoilers

As usual, we remind you that these are partial spoilers of chapter 1072, and that the complete ones will be released soon online. In order not to miss the entire dialogues and the translations of the images of the chapters, we advise you to stay updated by following our website.

Chapter 1072: the weight of memories

“Ahh… the apathetic excursion of the Germa 66vol 28: “mass production of lethal weapons”

In the cover we can see Queen making viruses, Judge making his spear and Caesar making a Devil Fruit (we don’t see Vegapunk and the mysterious woman). It seems like it’s been a while since the last cover, they’re wearing different clothes and Queen has gained weight. The Fruit that Caesar is creating is black.

The chapter begins with a narrative from Vegapunk’s diary kept during his MADS days (not a flashback, just some text). Vegapunk said that even if the world wouldn’t accept it, he would see “her” as a real human being. Vegapunk said that “this experiment” would be their first step towards peace.

Bonney becomes a child again and pretends to cry to get Vegapunk’s empathy. When Vegapunk approaches Bonney, she transforms again, this time into a very strong adult version. She looks swollen like a balloon (apparently her powers allow her to transform herself into different variations of her future, or something).

Bonney “extracts” Vegapunk’s age from his body in the form of jewels, and then transforms the scientist into a child capable of speech (probably thanks to his genius).

Vegapunk: “What?! Are those shiny jewels my age?!?”

Vegapunk says he can’t tell Bonney why he turned Kuma in the past, because the reason would hurt the pirate a lot. For this, Vegapunk promised Kuma that he would never tell Bonney the truth.

Bonney turns and sees a room with a bear print on the door. He walks towards the room and destroys the lock causing it to age (similar ability to the one we saw with Shinobu in Wano).

Vegapunk and Kuma flashback begins. Vegapunk looks similar to what we saw in Ohara’s memories, and Kuma wears a white patient coat without wearing a hat, showing off her hair and glasses. Vegapunk tells Kuma that a scientist in the West Sea discovered that humans weigh 21 grams less when they die, so 21 grams would be the weight of the soul.

Vegapunk explains the ability of Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. His power transforms intangible objects into tangible ones; for example, Kuma can transform pain by transforming the nerve signal into tangible energy, which he can thus push out of a body. Along this line, Kuma would therefore also be able to do it with the imagination, thoughts, or even memories.

one piece

Vegapunk wants Kuma to try extracting his own memories because he wants to know the weight and dimensions of human memory. Kuma says he doesn’t want to do it because it would be embarrassing, but Vegapunk begs him for the sake of science.

Back to the present, Bonney enters the room with the bear footprint. In the midst of it, the pirate sees materialized energy in the form of Kuma’s footprint; as she walks towards it, we then see what is happening in Red Port. The real Kuma is scaling the Red Line, but is shot down by the Navy.

Returning to the room, Bonney is about to tap the energy.

Vegapunk: Don’t touch her Bonney! it’s Kuma’s pain!
Bonney: I know my father’s ability. This isn’t pain, it’s memories of him, right?

Bonney reaches out and touches the energy.

You pass outside the “Labo”, and the fight between Zoro and Kaku continues. Kaku uses his awakened form, similar to Lucci’s. His hybrid form now displays “black flaming hair” and a trail of “dark flaming tongues” floating around his shoulders.

Kaku uses some old attacks like Bigan, and also a new one called “Kyoku Bigan: Kirimangyro”. However, Zoro defeats Kaku by easily knocking him out, while Brook protects the Thousand Sunny.

It is suddenly revealed how the 4 Seraphim came to the Labo despite not receiving any orders. It is revealed that the Seraphim’s personality allows them to react and make decisions on their own to suit the situation in combat, and thus they came to help the CP0 of their own free will.

However, this is not what CP0 wants, as Vegapunk still possesses more authority than they do. Edison and Lilith go out and try to get the Seraphim back. Sanji and Franky go to help Zoro and Brook instead. Luffy and the other Mugiwaras remain in the lab.

Lucci orders the Seraphim to destroy the Labo before Vegapunk can get out. The 4 Seraphim start attacking the facility all together, but suddenly Kaku’s neck is bitten by someone, putting him to sleep.

We find out that the person who bit Kaku is Stussy, who has vampire wings and fangs. Her true identity is revealed: Stussy is the clone of Ms Buckingham Stussy, one of the members of the Pirates of the Rocks, and the first clone made by MADS.

Stussy: “I just put Kaku to sleep, Lucci… And now you’ll have to fall asleep too!”

End of chapter, no break next week.

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One Piece 1072, full official spoilers and full summary: the weight of memories and too great a power