One Piece 1072, new clues: out of Garp, now it’s the turn of the most awaited Seraphim [SPOILER]

Finally after days, indeed, weeks from chapter 1071 of One piece, let’s go back to waiting with anxious excitement for the new chapter arriving in the next few days, 1072. It was a rather exhausting wait, given the events of the last pages shown, there is no doubt about this.

We don’t know what kind of surprises Eiichiro Oda is preparing, but what we can understand is that the chaotic world of One Piece is only now reaching its highest and most messed up peaks ever.

A major war is brewing in Egghead, and the same goes for other fronts under construction in the ocean, such as Blackbeard and Law, Garp, Bartholomew Kuma and Dragon. Meanwhile, some clues about the upcoming news are already leaking, and perhaps they will not disappoint us at all.

Chapter 1072 introduces us to new Seraphim?

So here we are with the usual appointment linked to the new rumors, previews, spoilers and leaks released by some online users aware of various details relating to the new chapter of One Piece. Among the first clues that we could observe, there was one that revealed the imminent arrival of a battle, placing the Seraphim as protagonists.

one piece

These are beings with humanoid forms inspired by the former Shichibukai, created by Vegapunk through the fusion of aspects of the Lunarians and “green blood” replicating the powers of some Devil Fruits.

In addition to the clue about the “war of the clones”, there is also a preview of a possible character that we will see, or Buggy the Clown. In this case, it may be that we are not going to see the pirate in the flesh, but rather the as yet unseen Seraphim version of him.

In addition, another leak reveals how at least for this chapter we will not see further scenes with the legendary marine Monkey D. Garp; we will most likely have to wait some time to see how he fares in his mission.

Then other leaks are added: we see an elderly woman who, looking in the mirror, sees herself in a “rejuvenated” version. While a reference to Bonney could be assumed, we should rather consider it as a clue related to Stussy, given that in recent mini-stories a mysterious new figure has been introduced in MADS. It may be that the new mini-story in chapter 1072 will confirm us the identity behind the fifth member.

The third clue given by the “official” leaker shows us a GIF where an anime girl with fangs as sharp as that of a vampire. Again, some fans suspect it’s another clue relating to Stussy, and how the ability to stay young is caused by vampiric powers.

More leaks will arrive over the next few hours, probably together with the first spoilers: so stay tuned to our website so you don’t miss out on further information on the highly anticipated chapter 1072.

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One Piece 1072, new clues: out of Garp, now it’s the turn of the most awaited Seraphim [SPOILER]